OBITUARY: Alexandra Mayers, 53, Former Adult Film Actress

May 3, 2033: Alexandra Melody Mayers, of Miami, passed at the Miami Rescue Mission after a long illness due to her AIDS on Sunday, December 26, 2032. She was predeceased by her parents Ivan and Joan, and her younger sister Victoria.

Ms. Mayers was once an African-American adult film actress who broke racial barriers in the early 2000s but suffered greatly in her private life years after her adult film glory days.

During the early part of the 2000s, she made history when she appeared in such titles as White Slavery, Slippin’ Into Darkness 2 and Black Shack 6.

Once her adult film career ended in 2010, however, “acting” offers slowed down considerably and chaos rose beneath her usually calm and controlled exterior. Not in keeping with her public image, she developed a major drug problem. In 2018, after being sued for $500,000 and losing, she was busted for possession of marijuana and cocaine and for using an illegal phone device. She entered rehab and eventually recovered but her career was irreparably damaged.

Alexandra’s battle with drug addiction contributed to her health decline. A diabetic and smoker as well, she was later diagnosed with emphysema. Alexandra died of renal failure in Miami in 2032 at age aged 53 and was cremated. Unnoticed and forgotten, news of her death did not surface until four months later. It is inconceivable that she could fall from grace as hard as she did…but she did.

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