OC Cash optimizes galleries for mobile

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from www.mobile-ent.biz.com – OC Cash has optimised all three of its affiliate programs to better serve its mobile users.

Jason Quinlan, owner of OC Cash has added “stealth galleries” to OCCash, Pornstar Platinum and LordsofPorn.

Quinlan said: “We have taken all of our galleries and optimized them, so there is no need for ‘mobile galleries’ versus ‘regular galleries.’ Our galleries are now set to auto-detect the user’s device and deliver the appropriate content with just one gallery.”

He continued: “With Pornstar Platinum it became very obvious that we had to address this because we were getting retweeted by porn stars that have (in some cases) 50,000-plus followers. When we examined the traffic we saw our gallery traffic was around 70 percent mobile. Most people tweet from their phones, this shouldn’t be a surprise.”

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