OC Weekly Announces New Columnist Tasha Reign

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from www.ocweekly.com – I knew I wanted to get porn superstar/OC girl Tasha Reign on the cover of our 2013 Sex Issue listing OC’s 20 greatest adult film actors the moment I thought of the idea for the issue.

Not only is Reign an emerging talent, not only is she a smart businesswoman, not only does she have a hot bod, but homegirl is smart: a women’s studies major at UCLA who plans to go get a master’s degree while firmly having her place in the industry.

After the success of the issue, I got another idea: why not make her a weekly columnist? I figured she wouldn’t bother with us mere mortals, but was I wrong: not only was Reign thrilled with writing for her hometown paper, but she had been thinking about such an idea for a while.

So, ladies and germs: next Monday, April 8, will mark the debut of “Tasha Tells All…” written by the incredible Tasha Reign!

Let’s be clear at the outset, though: this won’t be no Savage Love, or XXX-rated screamfest–boyos wanting to get their jollies off are more than encouraged to visit her homepage and become a member.

What excites me about Reign as a columnist is that she stands at the perfect intersection between sex, politics, business, and entertainment.

In an age where porn is still frowned upon by the same mainstream that makes it a multibillion-dollar industry, when busybody politicians want to legislate everything from a woman’s vagina to gay marriage, condom use on porn sets to adult films at every turn, Reign can not only be an interesting voice–I’m confident she’ll be a vital one.

Reign will write about sex, of course, but she’ll do so much more than that. Her first column will deal with Measure B, the ridiculous proposition passed by Los Angeles County voters last fall that makes condom use on porn shot in the county mandatory. Reign’s planned second column will be a love letter to Orange County–and why she left. After that? You’ll have to keep reading every Monday morning for the latest!

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