Octomom Goes Nude; But It’s Not for Vivid

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from www.crushable.com – Yes, it’s happened and it’s all your fault America. Octomom, also known legally as Nadya Suleman, posed naked. Good job, hope those naked photos of Christina Hendricks and Heather Morris were worth seeing Octomom in the nude.

According to our pals over at TMZ, she struggled paying the rent this month and therefore needed to pose naked in the European magazine Closer. They paid her 10,000 dollars, which according to my calculations, should feed her 14 children for approximately 3 days. 1 day if they eat organic.

On posing nude, Octomom says: ”I’m doing that (posing nude) because I need to feed my kids. I need to pay the bills. And I’m still very cognizant of the repercussions of my choices.”

Repercussions of my choices makes it sound like she bought a 5-seater sedan instead of a minivan or splurged on the 3D imax version of a movie. It does not sound like she willing birthed octuplets when she already had 6 other children. But what’s 8, when you already have 6, right?

All social commentary aside, she looks great. Like better than 90% of my friends who have 100% less children than her. What’s her secret? Juice cleanse? Semi-legal drugs used illegally? Photoshop?

Just kidding, it’s definitely Yoplait. You see, they taste like dessert, but they go down like yogurt. It’s magic and it lets you say things like “my body’s never looked this good!”

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