Octomom Quite Happy About Her Four AVN Noms

This is one of the reasons why the porn industry has become a joke.

from www.allvoices.com – Nadya Suleman, popularly known as “Octomom,” has been nominated for four awards in the porn industry.

Suleman has apparently become quite popular in the adult industry, as she has been nominated for four Adult Video News (AVN) awards. Even though the new fame is for all the wrong reasons, Suleman is quite happy about it.

Suleman, also known as “Octomom” for giving birth to octuplets, is mother to 14 children and that is how she got famous initially. She is a single mother who has to support all her children and even though she does get support from the government, it is not enough and she has to earn a living for herself and her children. She recently resorted to the porn industry and now she has gotten recognition for her work in the industry.

Nadya Suleman has been quite controversial since the very beginning and now yet again, she has stirred another controversy after being nominated for the AVN awards. Many people are now questioning whether the mother of 14 should actually be awarded in such a way for resorting to the porn industry to earn a living for her family.

Suleman hasn’t only agreed to attend the awards ceremony, but is also quite excited about attending it. The Adult Video News Awards will take place in Las Vegas and all the stars of the adult industry will be present there. She will be reportedly attending the ceremony without her 14 children.

“I’m very excited to attend the AVN Awards,” Nayda said, according to The Christian Post. “I’ve never been to anything like that before so I’m really looking forward to it.”

After people started criticizing her new mean of earning a living, Nadya Suleman said that she would do anything to provide for her children. About the AVN nominations, Suleman said that she was completely surprised and blown-away by the news of being nominated. She also said that she did not consider herself a celebrity, but was hopeful about winning in these categories.

“I don’t consider myself a celebrity, but I have never heard of the other people nominated. So I’m pretty sure I have a good chance of winning,” Suleman said.

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