Oddly, Evil Angel Has a Policy Against Cream Pies

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Not that he was spreading rumors, but Rob Black announced that beginning next week he will be expanding his broadcast hours. Beginning Monday he will have three hours of programming, 2PM to 5PM.

Black said based on his broadcast the prevalent attitude is that John Stagliano and Manwin can get away with anything they want in the business because they’ve got money. Black noted that practically every porn show being broadcast is sponsored by the Manwin terrorist machine.

“Manwin owns all the programming of Internet radio. You have a terrorist organization basically controlling all of the speech. If you have that kind of money you’re just allowed to fuck everybody in their assholes? Spread the money around don’t just dry fuck everyone.”

On the subject of AHF, Black says Michael Weinstein has a well oiled machine whereas porn is a circus.

Interestingly,too, Black notes Evil Angel has a policy of no cream pies.

“Think about that- I guess I don’t get it.” Apparently Sean Michaels with a clean test and a clean bill of health wanted to do a cream pie with Nikki Charm, also tested, and Stagliano shot the idea down.

“I’m a 20 year veteran that doesn’t understand this. Explain this to me,” said Black.

“He thinks this kind of scene is somehow more risky that what he does? Does that give you a clue into the mind of that company?”

Black can’t see how Evil Angel employees are condoning Stagliano’s quirks. But Black can see the codes of silence between the agents and Stagliano to keep the Stretch Class series alive. It works this way: the agent gets his 20% and Stagliano doesn’t blackball them.

Black said flatly that the business is in the toilet and that performers have to bust hump to make a $1,000 a week [without insurance].
To the 1% of the business, the performer is “a piece of little shit,” said Black.

“You’re all shit because if you were something, you would rise up and fight for something. What is going on in our business is wrong. But everybody is afraid.”

“Any other business has adjusted- automobiles, food, cigarettes, everything has gone up except our business which has gone down. This is a business that deals in something as powerful as any drug.

“We’re doing harder stuff than we did 20 years ago. Twenty years ago, a girl would never have thought of letting 10 guys fuck her in the asshole or have Princess Donna punch you her the face then give Mark Spiegler her 20%. Marilyn Chambers didn’t do that. Ginger Lynn didn’t do that until Steve Hirsch fucked her over.”

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