Official Proof that Monica Foster LIED About Andy San Dimas

A few days ago, Monica Foster had posted an email that was sent to her from a man who claimed to friends with Andy San Dimas. Apparently, Andy San Dimas went missing and for some reason, her so called friend decided to go to Monica Foster for HELP because according to Monica Foster, she’s an investigative blogger who fights for and protects sex workers!

Foster truly discredited herself recently by harassing/stalking two sex workers who are alleged victims of a sexual assault. One of them being world class retard, Kandace Kayne, who Foster wasn’t going to take “NO” from and harassed her from different accounts after being blocked.

Any ways, it turns out that the email that Foster received regarding Andy San Dimas, WAS A FAKE!!!

It has been proven that Monica Foster bought her Twitter followers and paid for her YouTube views. Now Monica Foster is creating fake fan emails and sending them to herself and creating fake emails from fake people who are supposed to be close to well known porn stars!

Way to go, Fostard! I’m so glad that Andy San Dimas had responded to the other blog when we TAGGED her in the tweets!!! Unlike Fostard, who didn’t tag Andy because she was obviously hoping to evade getting caught in another lie!!!

What a fucking loser!!!!




  1. Tristan Stadtmuller
    You are one sorry ass mother fucker. Yeah thats right you fucking piece of shit
    Here I am trying to come to a resolve that benefits so many.
    But nooo here comes a dooche bag fucking things up.

    To have this woman’s family and sister who does not have anything to do with any of this is sad.
    Stay tuned
    Maybe its time to buy this fucking site and make you a daily poster child.
    It wont be my fist rodeo

    • Her sister’s mugshot is in the public domain, asshole, and if Vicky Violet Mayers doesn’t want that shit out in public, she needs to stop breaking the law. She’s gonna kill some innocent kid one day, a kid that has nothing to do with Vicky’s personal problems and alcohol problems. Stop being a Save a ho. Fuck off or we will DESTROY you.

  2. WAIT A MINUTE DAVE! First off Monica deserves nothing and you keep forgetting dealing with her you are not dealing with a normal sane person and for sure not someone you can trust. SHE ALWAYS GOES BACK ON HER AGREEMENTS JUST LIKE SHE DID WITH DONNY AND TRISTAN ALSO.

    Second her family is all game as everyone elses family is game when she attacks.

    Third Tristan has done nothing wrong and deserves a pat on the back for keeping Foster on her toes and doesnt deserve being threatened for it.

    Remember Foster is a faghag and a whore which makes her a double liar, Wait, her father is a faggot so that makes her a triple liar. She is a mental nutcase.

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