On Gen Padova’s Website, Non-Membership Has Its Privileges

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VENICE, CA – You don’t have to be a member of www.GenPadova.com to see her years of dirty antics documented in ways few could ever hope or imagine. But it helps.

A quick visit to her new page to lure in new members proves that it is like catnip for your favorite kitty as the contents are as vast as they are hot.
– See Gen posing naked before she did her first=ever b/g scene.
– A lifetime’s worth of amateur content shot before she was famous or even infamous.
– Specialized shoots, like her 1930s scene and other period-set photos,
– Footage from the San Antonio Fetish Ball where she demonstrates how she pees in her mouth, makes out with Dana DeArmond, Deep throats a Guinness bottle and tries to convert a gay man on her knees and much more!
– Classic footage shot when Gen was still a real virgin!
– The famous Meatholes scene.

“It had been a while since I had a big thick cock before I did this scene,” she says of the Meatholes scene. “He surely fucked me into oblivion. Good thing the human body can not shatter! Although, he fucked me into a rag doll to say the very least.”

For the growing legions of MyStickPorn fans, there is new content that will take you from one-dimensional to 3-D in no time. Don’t let the title of her latest, “Vegetating” fool you! It’s not about vegging out, but it is about some good, healthy sexual fun.

Read Gen’s WHACK! column at www.whackmagazine.com/2012/07/06/your-moment-of-gen-%E2%80%94-smut-stereotypes/.

Her official site is www.genpadova.com.

Follow Gen on Facebook (www.facebook.com/gen.padova) and Twitter (@gpadova), Visit www.mystickporn.com/ to see her amazing one-dimensional creations.

For more on Gen Padova visit www.risingstarpr.com/news/?page_id=3719.

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