Only on the web? Women trade sex for rent in Phoenix

from – The housing slump and recession have sparked ads on Craig’s List and other classified Web sites essentially asking financially distressed women to trade sex for free rent and housing.

Such ads appear on the Phoenix Craig’s List site, and they’ve also appeared in other major U.S. markets.

Some of the ads are very direct, essentially asking women to trade sexual favors and intimacy for rent. Others are more subtle.

One ad from Fountain Hills is titled: “Free rent and corvette for live-in hottie girl roommate.”

Another from the West Valley reads: “I have a spare room to rent. Ladies Only Please. Nice home in NW Phoenix. High Speed Internet and cable access all utilities included. I live by myself am single and good looking. Would like to have a female roommate in good shape and willing to trade favors in exchange for rent. Please include a picture with your response.”

Another in Queen Creek offers free room and board for various duties including intimate ones.

There are other ads offering rent trades for various “household duties.”

One of those reads: “Gentleman is offering a rent-free ‘live-in’ situation to share, large, private, upscale home with pool-spa (4,000 sf), in Cave Creek, on 3 acres. While not perfect, she will be well grounded and above average in most attributes. Rent free in exchange for household duties, just pay utilities.”

Posters of those ads on the Phoenix Craig’s List site did not respond to requests for comment. Craig’s List also did not comment.

There are also some renters looking to trade household work and baby-sitting for free or reduced rent.

The recession and housing slide have increased foreclosures and the unemployment rate, leaving more Valley residents in financial and housing distress and looking for new places to live and roommates to help share the rent.

Valley police departments say they monitor Craig’s List and other Web sites for criminal activity, sex crimes and fraud.

“The Scottsdale police vice investigators routinely look into prostitution and related offenses which are brought to our attention,” said Scottsdale Police Department spokesman Mark Clark.

Clark said such offers could qualify as prostitution.

“It would be similar to solicitation and prostitution,” said Ed Wessing, spokesman for the Mesa Police Department.

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