Pampered little fag Sean Tompkins use to work on an oil rig and failed

Word within the porn community is that gossip blogger and drama queen Sean Matthew Tompkins tried his hand at working on an oil rig before he entered the world of porn blogging. Take a look at the following video and ask yourself how long this pampered little homo could do this type of work.

Sean’s typical day is awaking at around noon, occasionally he may log onto his gossip site and post but he is a shitty writer and as such, most of what is posted on TFPWL comes from other sources, much of it is recycled, so he usually begins at the gym with a light 3 hour cardio session. During this session he will troll Twitter and other porn sites via his iPad. After this is a fun filled afternoon of video games followed by a massage or a mani/pedi before getting what little hair he has left done. He will spend an hour or so in the evening having and bubble bath while trying to call people out for fights at the next porn convention and thumping his chest in the mirror when people decline (Due to being more mature than he is and not wanting a criminal record for caving his head in.) And that’s it, that’s the Tompkins day in a nutshell. Occasionally he must visit the PO Box to get his check from Spiegler but if not, he just turns in early after a little masturbation session and sleeps for a solid 12 hours. I would say Bobbi Dylan works 10X harder than this turd and has nothing to be ashamed of with regards to her former jobs.


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