Papa Prejean Speaks: Carrie’s Dad Finds Sex Tapes Totally Irrelevant

from – Apparently, it runs in the family.

No matter how many topless photos, inappropriate TV interviews, solo sex tapes or unrelenting victim complexes Carrie Prejean takes on, she’ll always be daddy’s little girl. And daddy’s little girl can do no wrong.

Miss California pageant officials, on the other hand…

“The personal information they are bringing out against Carrie is irrelevant to anything,” Will Prejean tells E! News exclusively from his home in San Diego.

Make that, irrelevant to anything, and distracting as anything.

“Look at Larry King, he asked Carrie harder questions than he asked [Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad.

“Carrie is supposed to be doing all of these TV appearances to promote her book, and everyone can only focus on the tapes,” he continues. “I’m not someone who looks backwards. I think we need to look to the future. Why isn’t anyone talking about the charity work and all of the charitable organizations that Carrie’s involved in?”

Probably because people like Carrie and (like father, like daughter) Will keep making lightning-rod statements. Just like this:

“It’s just full of corruption and lies,” he says of the daughter-decrowning Miss Cali Organization. As for the pageant’s executive director, Keith Lewis, Papa Prejean doesn’t mince his words.

“He can’t run the thing and never has been able to.”

But the elder Prejean stops short of burning all of Carrie’s bridges, placing exactly none of the blame on the organization’s corporate overlord, Donald Trump—who, clearly unbeknownst to the Prejeans, has been less than flattering about Carrie’s postpageant shenanigans.

“He is just caught in the middle,” Will Prejean says of Trump. “He has been nothing but wonderful, really wonderful, to Carrie through all of this.”

Someone get this man an Internet connection. Or, on second thought, maybe not. Not if he wants to preserve his pristine image of his daughter, and avoid all eight—yes, eight—of the alleged sex tapes potentially primed for leaking.

Still, Prejean says he is not upset with Carrie’s seeming penchant for prurience, and even admits, close-knit clan that they are, that it was his daughter herself who informed him of the tapes’ existence.

She might also want to inform him of her book’s existence. Despite her autobiography, Still Standing, having been released last week, Papa Prejean tells E! News he has yet to read it.

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