Papa Smurf’s Farrah Abraham Experience Has Just Been Free Tubed *See the Tape Or a Nice Chunk of It

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“I’d love to cuddle with you, but I thought you wanted to get fucked in the ass,” James Deen tells Farrah Abraham.

I’ll be the first one to tell you that of all the free porn sites, XHamster’s right up there with a can and a string for technical innovation. In other words, I’ve seen free porn sites and XHamster, sir, is no Jack Kennedy. Nonetheless, XHamster runs about a 14 minute segment of Farrah Abraham’s sex tape that features her and James Deen.

Papa Smurf has been advertising this masterpiece on YouPorn, and it only serves him right if these other tube sites serve his movie up to the world for free and rob him of his greedy little profits.


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