Penny Flame on the Weinstein Team? Was a Book Deal Part of the Payoff?

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Rebecca Bardoux on her Internet program this weekend mentioned that she’s accepted a challenge to debate Michael Weinstein on the condom issue. Perhaps as early as this week. Bardoux was told by James Lee that Weinstein would be accompanied by a porn star. Could be Penny Flame is that porn star.

I have since been told that Penny Flame wasn’t pictured in a group shot in the LA Times earlier today with the Weinstein group, but that doesn’t alter the fact that it’s been rumored for months how Weinstein’s approached her.

Flame has been on this porn made me do it kick and even got a book deal out of it.

I read that book and walked away with the opinion that someone pulled a lot of strings to have it published. That someone could have been Weinstein’s organization because we know by now that Derrick Burts and Darren James are both being subsidized by the AHF, that Mr. Marcus was offered tens of thousands of dollars and that AHF covered Desi Foxx’s expenses in a lawsuit against AIM.

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