Peter Acworth Addresses “Slanderous Accusations” By Uninformed Bloggers; But It’s Cal/OSHA Investigating Him

Peter Acworth comments on – “I would like to address the Cal-OSHA complaint filed by AHF. There is no indication of the transmission of any STI on a set. Indeed quite the contrary. We take bloodborne pathogens and safety protocols very seriously at, and we aim to cooperate 100 percent with Cal-OSHA.

“Cameron Bay did indeed perform at on July 31st. Cameron tested negative on July 27th via the most sensitive HIV tests available, and was thus shown as cleared for work in the industry PASS (Performer Availability Screening Services) database, as were all those persons Cameron performed with.

“Additionally, those same people Cameron performed with on July 31st tested negative for HIV again after that shoot. It is my understanding that Dr. Miao of PASS has established the possible window of infection to have started after the shoot of July 31st.

Bloggers and uninformed pundits have assumed that because Cameron did not perform after July 31st, that must somehow be responsible for a transmission of an STI. This is an irresponsible and slanderous accusation.”

Acworth’s statement continued, “It is thanks to the integrity of the PASS database that we are able to quickly respond to a positive test result, instigate a moratorium, and thus protect performers while everyone is re-tested. We currently await definitive information from [FSC CEO] Diane Duke, Dr. Miao, and the PASS system.

“I continue to be of the belief that what AHF appears to want at all costs—mandatory condoms—would jeopardize the integrity of the PASS program by pushing productions overseas and/or underground to a point where testing protocols are no longer so vigorously followed. I believe performer safely would be compromised as a result.”

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