Peter Acworth Letter Draws Fire from Rob Black; Shows You the Sociopathic Fabric of This Business

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Sometimes a man should know when to shut his mouth. Today head Peter Acworth posted a public letter to British Prime Minister David Cameron that was so transparent it would be laughable if you didn’t consider the source.

Rob Black on his show, summed up Acworth’s credentials thusly: “ A drug dealer, abuser, criminal, and busted for fire arms shot off in a public building.

“He has employees- princess Donna- that tortures and abuses women. This is a guy who had employees assault women to the point of drawing blood. And Peter Acworth says in that letter that access to porn for him was healthy.”

“You sit in an armory, ingest cocaine, fire off guns and have employees that assault women,” says Black.

“Then you have this guy writing a letter how he’s so good and righteous, knowing full well his company has been under fire for a very long time for abusing women, being busted for drugs, spreading hepatitis, you name it and has the hypocrisy to write a letter- a complete fabricated lie- to do what? Influence? To show you’re a smart person? I’m confused.

“This just shows the complete sociopathic fabric of this business. Peter Acworth and Kink- this guy is so delusional that he writes a letter equivalent to telling Obama our business is the greatest in the world and we have no problems. What the fuck?

“This flat out lie is either done as a motive or you’re delusional in your own world that you believe it. You’re so mentally unstable that you are doing these things and you write and hide and everyone knows you’re doing it – they watch you doing it – and you say you don’t.

“That’s more dangerous than somebody who did something, admits it, explains it, and moves on. You are completely lying. You are horrible and you compound it with a letter to a political figure disgracing yourself.

“And you wonder why no one in politics takes us seriously?” Black asked.

“Peter Acworth hires actresses to be beaten. This guy is writing letters to political figures and is a complete liar and hypocrite, and you wonder why people look at us like dog shit. One of our leaders goes out there and lies.

“He writes a letter that is a lie. If this was a court of law he’d be going to jail. He is a liar. He is a criminal. He is a terrorist. He is the poison that’s in our business. He’s regarded as one of the leaders who does terrible, irresponsible things and this reflects on the entire business.

“This guy is not immune to the criticism of but writes this letter. You wonder why people look at our business like dog shit. Add in the pimping and the privates and escorting and Mr. Marcus, John Stagliano- throw them into the mix- simple, tasteful, sexually explicit films become breeding grounds for criminal activity because our business doesn’t know how to weed that shit out and adhere to guidelines.

“We’re running around, spreading syphilis and being so irresponsible, that anywhere else in America, they’d be criminal acts. Then we have one of the leaders of that writes a letter that’s so full of bullshit.

“Throw that into the pot of shit- because of the garbage people that are involved. If Sony got into the porn business you’d see how clean and profitable it would be. But we haven’t figured out a way to clean up our own shit.

“This business is never going to get respectability when you have leaders like Peter Acworth saying utter and complete lies,” Black contends.

“Mr. Marcus is done, and that’s what Peter Acworth needs to be- done.

“Peter Acworth, you need to go into that little dungeon and hang yourself with one of your ropes made of the hearts, minds and souls of every single girl you stole – that rope should be placed around your neck, and those countless and not to be forgotten girls are holding that rope and are pulling it, and you feel that air suck out of your windpipe.

“While those fucking souls of those little girls you raped, while they’re pulling that rope, that blue in your face goes to white- like an Italian necktie that chokes you in the back of a car, you sonofabitch.

“Everyone of those girls you and Princess Donna destroyed should shove it up your ass and sodomize you with sharp sticks. And that girl wraps your body in a plastic bag and dumps you into the dingy water like the military did to that piece of shit Al Qaeda Muslim cocksucker Osama Bin Laden.

“They threw his carcass in the water and even sharks wouldn’t eat that motherfucker. That is what those souls that you took, that innocence they can never get back, that body Princess Donna took a cattle prod to, they should throw your body at the bottom of the ocean.

“And the souls of those women you raped and plundered, they will turn to Rob Black and say Rob Black, thank you for illuminating and showing us and giving us the guiding light to put a stop to what these sons of bitches are doing to us.

“Thank you Rob Black for helping us get rid of the pieces of shit like Peter Acworth and shining a light on what they do.”

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