Peter Acworth Totally Glosses Over the Fact that Public Disgrace was Trouble Ready to Happen

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In his comments to XBiz which no one apparently challenged, Peter Acworth totally dismisses the fact that Kink invites untested people off the street to participate in the Public Disgrace shoots.

It’s Stretch Class to the 40th power with the rectums of female performers poked and probed by untested civilians with the possibility of infection and blood transfer.

The Cal/OSHA complaint states: “[Kink] may have exposed employees—adult film performers—to infectious disease by exposure to blood and other potentially infectious materials.”

The wording is pretty obvious unless Acworth knows something the law doesn’t.

And it was a Public Disgrace shoot that Cameron Bay worked in. Whether she got HIV on that shoot or not is irrelevant. Unsafe sex practices are being conducted, Acworth got caught and this is what Cal/OSHA is investigating him for. And how do condoms jeopardize a testing program? That’s what he actually said. I was under the impression condoms only enhance a testing program.

Acworth ever since a police bust which found cocaine and guns at the San Francisco armory has been under scrutiny. The authorities have been looking for him to screw up. And he did. I hope he keeps making public statements. And if Acworth wants to go underground, it would only be fitting he crawled under a rock.

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