Petition: Stop the terrorist stalking from Alexandra Melody Mayers in Deerfield Beach Florida

Make sure you go and sign the Petition directed at Joan Rucker Mayers and sister Victoria Violet Mayers! here is the link:

This petition is to get mother Joan Rucker Mayers and sister Victoria Violet Mayers to put and stop to Alexandra Melody Mayers aka Monica Foster’s terrorist stalking, libel and lies of crimes online. See they are housing, funding, supporting and helping with Alex’s online terrorism of the people she is jealous of within the adult industry which she failed in. For over a decades the industry has asked her to walk away and leave everyone alone but she just refuses. Her nonstop countless attacking of libel, lies and threats about and towards people within the adult industry is criminal and the FBI has even had to go to the public address found all over google of public figure Monica Foster at 623 NW 47 Ter Deerfield Beach Florida and there is still currently a criminal investigation going on about the whole matter. Joan and Vicky are the only ones that can throw her out and put a stop to her crimes while she lives off them at 40 years old. If they dont we want them to know the same stuff being put out by them will be given right back to them. It not just her Twitter account and Youtubes but her podbean, spotify, Pornlawnews, Pntlive, and countless other stalking accounts, websites and blogs she runs.


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