Pierre Woodman Receives Kudos

Bob Vivant writes on www.xxxporntalk.com : I’ve always loved Pierre Woodman’s “Casting” interviews. I love the reality aspect of it. I am yet to find other porn that consistently asks questions that are designed to elicit real rather than fake-titaliting answers. (If you have doubts about that, there are absolutely horrifying childhood molestation stories that Woodman has left intact, one that was especially bad because the girl didn’t even realize she had been raped/molested).

Simple questions I love that no one else asks: how many guys have you had sex with in total? This has elicited anything from one to thousands. What sexual acts do you refuse to do, which ones do you like/dislike (including always insisting an answer on semen in the mouth/face and anal sex.) He’ll ask whether she is dominant or submissive in her sexuality. He will find out if she has done kinky/extreme things sexually. Questions about the age they first had sex at sometimes lead to very personal revelations.

The typical interview porn will ask a girl what her favorite position is, she’ll say “doggy” this followed by “ooh, nice rack, please show it, let me touch it”. Zero erotic value. The closest to Woodman I’ve seen in american porn was Video Virgins Gold 1 – 4.

From a Woodman interview you get to know something about chick. Knowing that she despises or fears or loves or has never done anal sex gives a charge to the scene you see moments later with a cock in her ass. Knowing how slutty or not she is gives the sex that follows much more of a charge.

As an aside I was just prompted by this to see a couple of YouTube interviews with Woodman and one shot at this year’s Cannes film fest. also featured his adult daughter, Alexandra Geyser, who is apparently a successful (well, published, anyway) writer in France. I’m enclosing a shot of the two of them.

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