Piracy Expert Nate Glass Presents Seminar at CatalystCon This Weekend

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LONG BEACH, Calif. — Nate Glass, anti-piracy authority and owner of Takedown Piracy, will present a seminar at the upcoming CatalystCon, September 15. Titled “The Impact of Digital Piracy on Business,” the seminar reveals the numerous ways online copyright infringement is harming businesses in a multitude of industries, as well as the easy ways piracy may be combatted.

The CatalystCon Sexuality, Acceptance & Activism Conference is coming to the Long Beach Hilton in Long Beach, CA, September 14-16. With 40 seminars and 50 speakers, the conference is a “melting pot of sexuality” uniting sex educators, sexologists, sex workers, writers, activists, and anyone with a passion for creating change.

For a detailed explanation of Nate Glass’ seminar at CatalystCon, visit www.catalystcon.com/sessions/#impactdig. The seminar commences at 2:40 pm, Saturday, September 15 in the Pacific Ballroom.

“I’m excited to have Nate Glass speaking at CatalystCon, as online piracy is something affecting all of us, from the largest entertainment studios to even a small conference, such as CatalystCon,” states CatalystCon Organizer Dee Dennis.

“In addition to discussing issues surrounding sexuality, I also like to have sessions covering the business side, which benefits many of my attendees.”

Dennis continues, “I believe Nate is one of the few people who is on the cutting edge of addressing something becoming a major problem throughout the business world. I am looking forward to hearing him speak.”

Glass regularly educates audiences on digital piracy, including appearances at expos and conventions, talk shows, and news articles.

Glass says, “It’s an honor to be a part of the first CatalystCon, a show I’m sure is going to become a staple in the field of sexuality and gender. I hope my seminar will be beneficial to those attending, from academics and sexperts, to authors and filmmakers, all of whom are the targets of pirates.”

Each month, Nate Glass educates readers of AVN Magazine and AVN.com with insightful business news regarding digital content protection for the adult industry to absorb and learn from. Through humor and accessible rhetoric, Glass explores issues every owner of digital content should know.

To read Glass’ most recent article, visit www.digitaleditiononline.com/display_article.php?id=1105257.

With consumers becoming better educated on the harms of piracy, Glass created the Takedown Piracy Tips Page, so people can help make a difference. Millions of additional eyes provide Takedown Piracy with an army seeking out illegal downloads on torrent, tube and cyberlocker sites. Users are asked to report the copyright owner and a link to the infringement.

To report a copyright violation using Takedown Piracy’s tip page, visit www.takedownpiracy.com/tips/.

Takedown Piracy actively tracks at least nine different ways content may be pirated, providing widespread coverage. Takedown Piracy’s army of servers offer protection in the following areas: Cyberlocker sites like Rapidshare, Torrent sites, Tube sites, Auctioned or unauthorized DVD resellers, Search Engines, Image Hosts, Blogs, Forums, Social Media.

To view a statistical breakdown of infringements removed by Takedown Piracy, visit www.takedownpiracy.com/stats/.

About Takedown Piracy:
Takedown Piracy (TDP) is an anti-piracy service started in April of 2009. The service was founded by 14-year entertainment industry veteran Nate Glass. TDP offers copyright holders an affordable and highly effective means to fight back against content thieves. For less than the cost of a part-time, minimum wage worker, copyright holders can benefit from Glass’ expertise and passion for protecting copyrighted content from thieves.

To date, TDP has removed over 8 million content infringements. Leading piracy websites are closely monitored to always provide clients with immediate service and protection.

Every month detailed reports are provided to clients with each action taken on their behalf. A price can’t be placed on trust, but with Takedown Piracy, clients can be sure the company has their best interest in mind 100% of the time.

For more information, visit www.TakedownPiracy.com or www.Twitter.com/TakedownPiracy.

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