Piracy, Tube Sites And Why We Got To Where We Are Today

On his Friday afternoon show www.the robblackshow.com Rob Black talked about why the business has devalued itself and why the consumer will pay more for quality product.

“I’ve never understood why the people who are in power in this industry have shied away from crafting this industry like a real business. In 1996 I would have conversations with people, why don’t we have royalties, why do we not go after people that show our movies in peep shows or pay a royalty like they do in Europe with GUEFA and people would go huh?”

“You have to understand that the people who watch pornography love it. It provides them with great entertainment and great joy and it’s called ejaculating. Whether it’s going into a strip club or going into an adult video store and jacking off in a booth. If the movie is good and they get off good, guess what? They will pay more fucking money for that. Do you people not get that?”

“If I like Katie Summers or I like Allie Haze and I like to masturbate to them and it costs two bucks. If one day they say now it’s gonna cost 4 bucks and we’re gonna use that extra money to pay for better material for you to jack off to, you know what that customer is gonna do? He’s gonna say OK.”

“Do you people understand that these girls get fucking gifts for free? For not even doing anything. For just saying hi to people on Twitter with their Amazon Wish lists. These are the people that buy pornography.”

“Cigarette companies understood this because they had people like me who said, people love our product, we have all these extra costs, why do we not raise our price? And they said, I love my cigarettes, I’ll pay more for them. Give me another one, Bill.”

“John Stagliano has a deadly disease because he is so addicted to sex. He let a transsexual fuck him up the ass with a bloody dick without a condom because he loves sex so much. That motherfucker would pay an extra 2-3 dollars a DVD so he could get off. He risked his life to get off, what’s another dollar or two?”

“Why do you people not get that? Why? Because Pete at IVD tells you he won’t give you more than ten dollars for your product? Is that why? Or Adam and Eve will take 500 pieces but they’ll only pay you five, but then you go to their website and they’re charging 30 bucks! The consumer is paying 30 bucks! But no, IVD or some asshole at DVD Empire or that fucking troll Agnello at Adam and Eve says no I’m only gonna give you five dollars, or I’m only gonna give you eight dollars then they go and sell it for $39.95! And then they reorder it! Amazing!”

“Yet you have people like Derek Hay who say we can’t pass along the costs of testing to the consumer.”

“Listen, you people are fucking stupid. You blew everything two decades ago. But you all have an opportunity to do something different. You can all actually restructure this business if you all just fucking listen.”

“Every other cost from gasoline to cigarettes to food has gone up. College tuition, up. Government pay, up. Unemployment, down. Porn industry raising its price? No, never. lower it, lower it, lower it.”

“Hollywood doesn’t have the piracy problem on the internet like porn does. Why is that? Copyright infringement is copyright infringement. I get it about the torrent sites and the pirate sites, I get that. But why is it that I can go on a thousand different tube sites and see just about every scene from just about every single studio for every single movie that the adult industry makes?

“Now Hollywood does not have that. I cannot just roll over to a site and see a 30 minute chunk of a Hollywood movie. Doesn’t happen. Why does it happen in our business but it doesn’t happen in Hollywood?”

“Now I’m gonna say something to you guys and I’ve said this before and this is unbelievable. Of all the stuff that’s available on the internet, only about 20% of it is legitimately pirated. I know you’re gasping right now, but only about 20% is stolen and uploaded and is not legitimately on there.”

“Now let me explain this to all of you. I know this is hard for you to understand and unless you’re on the inside you will not get it. But every single company out there, for my company on down, every single company sold our content to licensing companies. These little sneaky scoundrels from the internet world, and they’re all laughing right now because they all made millions from doing this.”

“What they did was, they came around and said hey can I buy the licensing rights for this film? We said, what do you mean? They said, I’m gonna give you $100 or $200 for every DVD that you have. All I need is the DVD and the 2257, which is the paperwork that shows everyone’s of age. We’ll sign a contract and give you $200. How many movies do you want? Well, for your entire library. How many movies do you have? Well, right now about 400. So I’ll give you 40 grand. Forty thousand. We’ll cut you a check for 40K right now. Then what? Then we use the movie on our system.”

“So they give you the money and put the movie on their system. So then another guy comes around, like Jonathan Silverstein and says I know a ton of people that you don’t know and I can put your movies on all their systems for 200 per and we’ll be partners. We said, are you serious?”

“So he goes and finds two or three guys and so on and before you know it, you’ve just leased your entire library, just like Hollywood does with Netflix, when Netflix buys a series and they put it up.”

“Now these companies do the same thing with all these other studios. Before you know it, these guys are living in their basement with libraries of prime content that they’ve purchased for something like 100 grand.”

“As everyone started doing this, the internet companies started lowering their prices because everyone was jumping on this money as the industry started to shit tank and when someone’s offering you $100,000 and $150,000 you’re fucking popping it.”

“So now motherfuckers were saying OK now we’ll give you $100 a movie. Now we’ll give you $75 a movie. Now we’ll give you $50 a movie. Aw shit, now your stuff’s too old. We’ll give you $10.”

“Now you had these guys that owned libraries. One guy gave me a list from a company called Legend and they’ve been in the business for two decades and I think they had 10,000 movies from transsexual, gay everything that you could buy. Non exclusive, put them on your site, chop up the scenes. I think 25 bucks a movie,maybe.”

“Now all these people put up tube sites. And all these people guess what they do? They swap with each other. They all know each other, they all suck each others dicks and they all swap with each other and you know what they say? Well I’m part of that site, that’s my site. And you go I only sold 15 licenses, how am I on 35 sites? And they go well I bought that site and of course what we buy goes on the new site. Wouldn’t you do the same thing? And you go, of course.”

“So now you got your content on all these tube sites and people go they’re pirating my stuff. No, they’re not, asshole, you sold it to them one time a decade ago and that one time morphed into 50 fucking tube sites because that one guy in his basement knew five guys that owned 50 million dollar tube site operations.”

“When you see a really nice slick tube site that has all this great content from Elegant Angel or Evil Angel do you really think they’re doing it just willy nilly?”

“You go to a tube site and you see you can get anything. You know why? Because they’re partners with these fucking studios.”

“You go to GFY and you can buy programs to create tube sites. I have a friend who owns thousands of movies. He owns movies with Christy Canyon. I could walk into his office now and say, Yo bro, gimme 50 movies, I want to encode them and put them on a tube site and we’ll make money.’ He would say. Here ya go. More power to ya.”

“That’s what it means out here guys. Truthfully, your Pirate Bays, torrent sites, they’re out there, yeah. But that ain’t the beast.

The beast is the own beast that we created.”

“You think Hollywood would let you get away with that? You think if you went to Harvey Weinstein and said, ‘Hey we want to put up parts of Reservoir Dogs and sell them to free sites,’ Harvey would’ve said, ‘Yeah, here let me punch you in your fuckin face you moron.’ They set up deals with companies where they give them snippets, like the clips that I play on my show and they work deals with them that involve fucking money. Big money. All these mechanisms benefit everyone involved in the process all the way down to that actor who’s making a piece of money on everything that’s done.”

“Do you guys get that? I know this is hard for you to comprehend. Have we dealt with issues of treating our business like a real business and things would actually change? What do we expect when we gave all of our content away to internet people?”

“You have companies like AEBN and Hotmovies, companies that we all basically need to survive and make money from. Yet all they did was figure out a way to deliver our movies to the public and they take percentages.”

“Do you realize how fucking easy it would’ve been for people like Steve Hirsch to put together the exact same thing that AEBN and Hotmovies did, hire a couple buyers like they do and go to studio owners and say look at this system we’ve got, we’re gonna put all of our content on it and do a revshare like the NFL does.”

“No. Instead you had people like AEBN, outsider from North Carolina, people like Hotmovies, outsider from Philadelphia and they created this system and they break you off 25%, they take 75% and we all looked around at each other and said, what the fuck just happened?”

“The players in our business have fought tooth and nail to keep this regime in place that steals millions a year in testing, but they never could put their energy and time into creating a VOD system that two outsiders did and benefit the entire business and the common worker.”

“No, that would’ve been too difficult. All of these things I would talk about. I would sit with people and say, why don’t we do this and they would go pfffft. The NFL can get 30 owners together and work out a deal that benefits everybody but we can’t.”

“Not this business. Not Steve Hirsch. Not Frank Koretsky. Not Paul Fishbein. You know how easy it would’ve been for Paul Fishbein to get everybody together when the magazine was huge and say we’re gonna create a universal VOD system like AEBN or Hotmovies did? People lined up to suck his dick for an award.”

“I talked about this all the time and people looked at me like I didn’t know what I was talking about. Paul would drive all over the valley to get you to buy an ad or booth space but he couldn’t set up a VOD system that we could all benefit from?”

“Instead we had studios like not just AEBN and Hotmovies, but Gamelink and others who use our content to make money. God bless em but why didn’t we do this ourselves?”

“That’s the problem with our business. The leaders like Hirsch and Koretsky sold us down the river for a quick buck.”

“It doesn’t have to be that way. 1% of the business controls all the wealth. The business is alive guys, it’s just not alive for you.”

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