Plastic Surgery Website Evaluates Holly Sampson- Most “Plasticizied” of the Tiger Women

from – Another day, another mistress. It seems that every hour another woman comes out of the woodwork, claiming some relation to Tiger Woods. Some estimates have his mistress count at anywhere from 6-12. Make Me Heal thinks that Holly Sampson is the most plasticizied of all the women so far, which makes sense for a woman in her line of work.

Tiger’s 36-year old Holly Sampson is a porn star, and sometime call girl, leading many to wonder how the pair met. While the details are shady, one thing is certain, Holly knows her way around the plastic surgeon’s office just as well as she knows her way around a bedroom, just like the other women in Tiger’s past.

Given that her measurements on her website are said to be 34DD-24-24 and her weight is only 115 pounds, it seems that Holly has undergone a breast augmentation.

While Holly is certainly pretty, she likely owes much of her appearance to surgeon skilled in facial plastic surgery. Holly may have had a nose job, as well as cheek and chin implants. She may also use fillers in her cheeks, if they aren’t implants and fillers in her lips as well.

Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, Calif., said, “Holly Sampson may have had some Botox in her forehead, and possibly filler in her lips. The bridge of her nose does look narrow and it is possible she may have had rhinoplasty at some point in her life, but for the most part it appears natural.”

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