Players Ball- No No at Internext

D-Money posts on GFY: I’ve had a ton of offers for people looking to sponsor a Players Ball in Florida during Internext, way more offers then usual.

The Players Ball WILL NOT throw a party in Florida during Internext.

For those of you who don’t know the reasons behind this, I’ll just say that my wife was AVN’s Senior Vice President and was terminated without any cause during a long term contract that was not finished yet. Since the firing, they had forced her to have attorney’s get involved so that she can get what’s owed to her and an accounting of things. Which is in my opinion a real bullshit thing for them to do to a very loyal employee of almost 9 years.

I do not want to make their show any better with the addition of our Players Ball, so I’m not going to throw a party in Florida at that time. We also held out last summer and did not throw a party in Florida for the same reason.

I thank you all for the support over the years with our event and I can assure you we will have plenty more Players Balls in the near future including a real big Ball in Vegas, January.

I’d like to also thank Cybernet Expo & Webmaster Access shows for their continued support of our great event.

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