Poetic Muffins

Inspired by Gene Ross’s constant references to zucchini walnut muffins helping him take a shit…

“Gene Ross Loves Zucchini Walnut Muffins” by Alexander The Poet

A zucchini walnut muffin,
How porno journalist Gene Ross loves it so
He gives it plenty of lovin’
Because it makes, all of his crusty shit flow!

When prune juice is just not enough,
And Gene Ross’s shit, seems to be all trapped in
Watching football, is pretty tough,
Gene Ross needs, a zucchini walnut muffin!

Each morning Gene goes to Starbucks,
And pays alot, for that catalyst of crap
Cause constipation really sucks,
And that sweet muffin, will cure it in a snap!

If you find yourself on the can,
For hours and hours, and come up with squat
Listen to Gene Ross, he’s the man,
Zucchini walnut muffin, will help alot!

Posted by Wayne C. Lewis


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