Pornwikileaks on the chopping block?

Word is that due to time constraints, the legendary and famous Porn Wiki Leaks (PWL) could be the next entity to go down. = GONE. Could PWL and all of its treasured and important wikis be next? Looks like it!

Word is that Michael “Mikey” Tierney aka Joe Blow is who they want to take over and update the blog, wiki and forum and if he is not found, the site will go under. Will be such a shame because it would let Monica Foster and Christian Wians among other scumbags off the hook.

Tierney may be dead or just missing, we don’t know but if he is not found, the wikis of Monica and Christian should at least stay available so that these low lives can be shamed for eternity. Domains were bought with the names of Monica’s family but those aren’t getting any hits – PWL is the crown jewel that gets all the hits. Rumors of its demise after the forum kicked Unregistered trolls to the curb were greatly exaggerated as the other forums such as Whore Hunting is now where the action is and gets posts every day.

There is no word on what will happen here on AdultFYI or on Official Mike South but these sites are probably on the way out too. End of an era!

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