PR 101: Free Speech’s September Report Card = F

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Strange, don’t ya think, that the Free Speech Coalition goes out and hires a big shot PR consultant, then keeps his identity a secret like it was some out-of-wedlock pregnancy? But that’s Free Speech for ya.

If it wasn’t for attorney Michael Fattorosi blogging on his website, we might never have known that a staunch Republican named James Lee [pictured] was calling the shots over at Democratic headquarters, Dukeville, USA.

Forget the fact that Lee is a credentialed Bush conservative. Free Speech will now have you believing he’s turned over a new leaf and is fighting on the side of good and right and for the very people that the Bush administration tried putting in the hoosegow.

How’s that for a good definition of irony?

And the only reason why we’re having this discussion about Lee in the first place is that Fattorosi outed him. Only when that happened was Free Speech more forthcoming about who was secretly cashing Manwin’s pay checks.

That’s kinda like Mr. Marcus jerry rigging his syphilis test scores. We weren’t supposed to know about any of that, either, but Free Speech’s hand was forced on that dirty little secret as well.

Which is the problem with Free Speech. The way they’re running the game, class distinction rules. It’s all about your right to know which doesn’t exist, then keeping it all hush-hush and adhering to the principle that children should be seen and not heard. They’re the adult. You’re the child.

If there’s a press conference, only AVN and XBiz get invited to them. That little dog and pony show Lee & Company put on the other week at Manwin?

Only those on a special invite list were allowed to attend. The same went for the Mr. Marcus press conference.

Free Speech and Diane Duke can keep all the secrets they want, of course, but that doesn’t forgive the fact that they’re pretty challenged at what they’re doing. For instance are we being told how much Lee is being paid to consult? Or what this “No to Government Waste” campaign will run? Of course not. Children should be seen, and all that, etc.

When Bill Margold, a former Free Speech board member and an individual who’s probably done more goodwill on behalf of that organization than anyone, wanted to know the facts behind Bill Lyon’s firing [Lyon was the very competent predecessor of Diane Duke] Margold was told by someone on Free Speech: “I know but I’m not telling you.”

In one respect you can understand what’s happening. The Free Speech Coalition is what the NFL was becoming this football season – a laughing stock, with the NFL substituting Lingerie league referees for real ones.

Diane Duke with no adult industry credentials whatsoever is pretty much in the Lingerie League herself.

The strategy? If you keep the game off the networks you miss the fact that Duke has blown play after play, call-after-call. You saw what happened Monday night, though, don’t cha?

Only because it was witnessed by millions of riled up fans, a rules calamity forced the NFL to the bargaining table to end the mess they created. So maybe this Proposition B or Preparation H is a good thing.

Because if a Government waste message is the best that Duke & Co. can dream up, we’ll witness the public spectacle of Team Weinstein wiping the field with them time and again until November.

Weinstein did it again last night with a White Paper XBiz and AVN saw fit not to print. Weinstein, with back-up quotes from LA County counsel John F. Krattli, essentially deconstructed the Free Speech message stem to stern and did a pretty good job of it.

Fact is what Duke & Lee are peddling as wanton government spending are costs that will be borne by the porn industry. Plain and simple. All it’s taking for Weinstein is to point out the obvious. Duh.

On a more obvious note, since Lee was announced as the liaison-guy or whatever he’s supposed to be, the FSC’s blog site has been updated seven times since September 10th. Even Mike South posts more than that. For the kind of money Lee’s being paid, that’s totally unacceptable.

It’s your right to be informed, and the fact that is doing a superior job of keeping you in the loop, is saying it’s time to make some drastic changes, Duke’s new three year-deal or not.

Of course I could give you all the reasons and criteria why the Free Speech Coalition is getting an “F” in the PR strategy course so far, but that’s a secret.

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