Priya Rai to enter Bigg Boss 6 as guest contestant

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from – The family show just got wilder with Bigg Boss makers deciding to get another pornstar to make an appearance

From Ashmit Patel to Dolly Bindra – Bigg Boss has been a haven for controversial personalities. And if the controversy lags on the show, it immediately reflects in the low TRPs, and the makers rush to include another controversial housemate. This time too, Bigg Boss may pull a similar stunt. While the brawling has just about begun inside the house, the makers of Bigg Boss 6 have decided to invite porn star Priya Rai as a guest on the show.

Priya Rai, a rather famous adult film actor of Indian origin, has several adult entertainment awards under her belt and is as famous as Sunny Leone. Born in Delhi, Priya’s real name is Priya Anjali Rai. The actor was adopted by American parents at the age of two. Priya was a model before entering the adult entertainment business.

Well, it’s great that Indian television audiences will get to know another bold star. But what we’re wondering is that isn’t it high time that Bigg Boss 6 ditches the “family-show” garb? Because the only family that would be interested in watching porn stars’ exploits online would be the Manson family! Wink wink!

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