Production Underway of Honey Boo Boo Spoof from Will Ryder & X-Play

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Hollywood, CA- Honey Boo Boo and her classless redneck family are getting the porn parody treatment from X-Play as production of ‘The Anal Adventures of Honey Poo Poo XXX’ is underway.

The adult movie comedy is being directed by Will Ryder and will tear into America’s favorite redneck family with piss-poor one liners, a bad diet and enough anal sex to last a lifetime. The production has a lot to live up to as it follows quickly in the wake of X-Play’s recently wrapped Not South Park XXX which looks to be one of the most irreverent adult movies ever produced.

“We’re having fun with this fucked-up style of porn cinema and Honey Boo Boo and her entire family fit wonderfully,” responded Will Ryder.

Generally credited with igniting the porn parody revolution, Will Ryder and X-Play have enjoyed success in the hillbilly genre with their Adam & Eve Pictures co-production of Beverly Hillbillies a XXX Parody which won numerous awards this year including best parody comedy.

“Although none of us are rednecks, this unique lifestyle is popular now in America and with The Anal Adventures of Honey Poo Poo XXX we’re really stepping in some shit now,” added co-producer Scott David.

The movie will follow the exploits of the crass beauty pageant loving family and their syrupy-sickening bubbly daughter with an all-star cast of adult stars gone redneck. The story was written to avoid age controversy with Honey just turning eighteen which is the same technique the producers used with Not South Park XXX.

The Anal Adventures of Honey Poo Poo XXX is going to be gross and sexy all at the same time. No distributor has been announced yet.

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