Professor Threatens Law Student, Tells Him He Needs Psychiatric Help for Working in the Adult Industry

from – We’re not sure which is harder: working in law or working in gay porn. They’re both very competitive, require working closely with pricks, and their rough, late night hours can really take it out of your ass.

University of Louisiana-Lafayette law student, Jeremy Williams, has worked in both fields. In law, he’s a paralegal and very close to graduating from UL with a “near-perfect” GPA. In the porn field, you may know him as Mustang power bottom Jay Armstrong—he’s starred on the site Bait Buddies and in such films as Alabama Takedown, Big Muscle, and Forced Entry, a film in which he famously took a double-penetration. Hard work, indeed.

But where you might find an ex-porn star-turned-lawyer kinda hot, not everyone feels that way, least of all one of Williams’ professors, who’s threatening the student with “consequences” for his “vulgar” career.

Dr. Bryan-Paul Frost,[pictured] a professor of political science at UL-Lafayette, made the threats to Williams via email, reports Gay Porn Blog (link NSFW). Frost allegedly told Williams he “needed psychiatric help for working in the adult industry.”

The exchange surfaced after Williams e-mailed GPB in hopes of bringing his plight into the public eye. “At the moment I am frightened as hell, as I have him for not one but two classes this semester,” Williams says. “I can assure you that the matter was entirely nothing vulgar or even of my fault. [I am] Confused. Petrified. I’ve worked so hard for a degree and damn!”

“Damn” is right. If Williams’ accusation is true, it begs the question: How did the good Dr. Frost found out about Williams’ porn star past in the first place? Had he seen Armstrong’s famous double-pen scene? Did a competitive, brown-noser suck up to Dr. Frost by dropping a tip in the professor’s box?

Oh, but more seriously: What’s in store for Williams?

It’s unclear whether the school has a policy for punishing students who star in porn. Is there a moral character clause in the student code? Will Williams have to defend himself orally in a private disciplinary session against the school’s top heads? What indignities might he suffer at the hands of Dr. Frost, his allegedly harsh taskmaster? We’ve contacted both Dr. Frost and the school to get their side of the story; neither have responded.

Williams may have good reason to worry. After all, other students have faced academic consequences for their porn star pasts. Remember John Gechter (aka Randy Blue’s Vincent DeSalvo)? He got kicked out of a Christian university for bumping man-uglies on camera. Then again, UL is not a religiously-affiliated school.

Then there’s also the other power bottom, Kurt Wild. He got sacked by Subway for filling men’s buns with meat and cheese off the clock. Kurt never pursued any legal action against the fast-food chain, but we have a feeling that Williams would entertain dragging Dr. Frost’s butt to court, should the doc try anything funny. (Williams is, after all, studying to be an attorney.)

As far as we can tell, Armstrong’s last porn flick got released March of 2007. Two years off-camera in the porn world counts as retirement, but that doesn’t mean that Armstrong won’t be back. Especially if Dr. Frost proves too much for his ass to handle.

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