Proof of Monica Foster’s ILLEGAL Prostitution History

It’s time for this blog to be posted because Monica Foster, for some time now, has been very hypocritical when it comes to illegal prostitution and escorting. Sean Tompkins at TRPWL had already exposed Monica Foster for being a hypocrite in this area, but I just think that it’s time for a refresher. Back in 2009, Monica Foster was posting threads on The Erotic Review BEGGING for reviews because she wanted to “provide” and she wanted advice on seeking an agency that represents black women.

In 2012, Monica Foster was caught posting ads online for hooking within the city limits of Las Vegas. Keep this in mind, Foster keeps pointing out that prostitution is only legal within the U.S. in licensed brothels within the Northern part of Nevada. Las Vegas is in Southern Nevada and a long ride to the brothels. This makes Monica Foster a CRIMINAL and an ILLEGAL prostitute.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Foster HARASSED Kandace Kayne DEMANDING to know if she gave permission to the Luxury Companion to use her pictures. Kandace blocked Foster’s @MonicaFoster account, but then Foster wouldn’t take “No” for an answer and she harassed her for a good while from her @alexandramayers account stating, “I’m still waiting for an answer.” Even after being told that it wasn’t known of Foster’s business and what Kandace does with her pussy is her business alone, Foster told her that prostitution is illegal. What doesn’t make sense, is that Foster accuses women in porn of being victims of sex trafficking while at the same time, she calls them criminals and illegal hookers. How can a woman be a victim of sex trafficking and an illegal hooker/criminal at the same time? Only Monica Foster logic 101 can answer that stupid ass question. A sex trafficking victim is a person who gets a gun pointed to their head and FORCED to perform sex and doesn’t get anything in return other than a damaged soul and mind. Monica Foster SHAMES women who are alleged victims of being raped and she SHAMES real victims of sex trafficking. This is why Monica Foster will never be taken seriously by any who is important like Isadore Hall, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and Hillary Clinton.

Even though Monica Foster claims to be a Christian, which is a crock of bullshit, in the eyes of God, Monica Foster is a fornicator who promotes lust and sexual sin and is a prostitute with all that she does to make money.

What’s funny is that Monica Foster CLAIMS that Marc Randazza posted those ads with her 213 number online to discredit her in her answer to the lawsuit against her. Sean Tompkins has stated in his blog that Foster called him multiple times from that same number in the past before changing it in September 2013.



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  1. Foster said that she was looking for an agency, that means that she was looking for someone to pimp her! No wonder why she attacks the TLC and porn women who escort, her pussy couldn’t make her any good money and no one wanted to pimp her. You can tell with her rant in which she accuses escort agencies of being racist because they obviously didn’t want her.

  2. Independent route is the way to go. Misty Stone has no problems getting clients. She was asking for fake reviews there from people that hadn’t even hired her. WTF? She’s unwilling to even pay her dues. She’s a joke. Not sure how she fucked up selling her pussy.

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