Proof Offered that Manwin and Others Are Cheating the System By Shooting in Las Vegas

Slim Pickens writes: “While Manwin supposedly cancelled shoots yesterday, but they still allowed a DP LIVE shoot to occur with Juelz Ventura and Bridgette B, in Vegas… so why if they knew about an HIV situation would they cancel some and not others? Personally methinks this one slipped through the cracks because I know they did cancel almost all shoots yesterday even ones that werent boy/girl.


Slip through the cracks my ass. The industry is making a concerted attempt to cheat the system by shooting in Las Vegas. The fact that OC Modeling just opened shop there proves that. I say go ahead shoot in Vegas because in the past it was on the hush-hush. Now it’s being dragged out in the open thanks to Mr. Pickens and others informing us of what’s going on.

Porn is illegal to shoot in Las Vegas, and if you want to know what the Vegas police are capable of, you might want to ask Bill Margold, Nina Hartley and others who’ve spent some time in a jail cell. In Vegas they don’t fool around.


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