Proof that Alexandra Mayers doesn’t LOVE nor CARE about her family

Monica Foster is desperately accusing people of her family being posted on this website and playing a victim as usual by making worthless suicide threats. The fact is, Monica Foster OUTED her own family on PWL back in 2010! Her family disowned her because they were embarrassed and ashamed that she became a prostitute and in anger, Foster outed them on PWL when she was posting on that website regularly trying to make friends. Foster then had a falling out because members called her out on her BS for lying about Lenny Dryska because she couldn’t show the alleged bounced check.

Foster then ran to Mike South, Ari Bass, and Sean Tompkins and cried about her being mistreated by PWL and lied that they posted her family up there! Foster wanted to play victim and bring attention to herself. No one on PWL had any information regarding Foster’s family until she provided all of that herself!

This is why Foster REFUSES to remove her websites, blogs, and YouTube vids that consist of her stalking/bullying people, defaming people, and trying to ruin people’s lives! Foster doesn’t love nor care about her family because they don’t love nor care about her!

Good luck, Alexandra Mayers in proving to Judge Bare that you were staying with your mommy in Florida yet applied for a TPO in Las Vegas still claiming to be a resident there! Not only that, but not being able to prove that you traveled from Florida to Las Vegas especially for your court mediation! You truly keep fucking yourself over!!!



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