Proof that Desi Foxx supports violence, racism, and is a hypocrite

I won’t even get into how it seems like every man that Desi Foxx loves ends up becoming a registered sex offender, namely her son and her hubby. if you pay attention to the stupidity that is Desi Foxx, she’s not only an idiot, she’s a hypocrite!

Foxx & Foster had a little falling out last year in which the argument (which was started by Foster) was about Desi using Foster’s pictures without her permission. WOW, this coming from someone who uses other peoples images without their permission and comes up with bullshit excuses to justify it. Not to mention that Foster puts these images on her shit sites that are hosted on foreign websites so that they won’t get taken down for copyright infringement.

Anywho, as you can all see, Desi Foxx stated that she doesn’t support nor condone violence and racism to pursue the so-called justice of ending porn and prostitution (this coming from someone who pimped her own daughter). Now, we have all seen how Foster bullies people and their kids and their families over time, yet Foxx continues to associate with her. After Foster lost her hearing to strike the lawsuit against her back on December 17th, 2015, she spent a few hours harassing Brad Armstrong about his weight and kept making fun of him for being fat. Foxx witness this, of course, yet she continues to associate with Foster.

Don’t even get me started with how Foster keeps attacking Jews and whites, and yes Foxx witnesses all of this also.

Recently, a white supremacist who goes by the name of Serenity Haze, has been tweeting non-stop calling blacks the “N” word. Without going much into detail about this, Foxx came to her defense and is trying to pass this racist as a victim of shit that can’t be proven. According to Foxx & Foster, when a porn star/escort cries rape and other shit, they’re telling the truth and some how just some how, the Luxury Companion is at the center of it all! Of course with no evidence being brought into it, just a bunch of hearsay that the courts wouldn’t admit because it would be a waste of time.

I didn’t post any racist comments from Serenity Haze, but you can see them on You can also see her arrest record and her mugshot for having sex with a minor, WHAT???!!! That’s right folks, Serenity Haze has a criminal background for fucking a minor! she was probably paid enough to buy her meth. Damn, Desi! So you married a man who became a registered sex offender, your son is a registered sex offender, and now you’re DEFENDING a sex offender who should be glad that she didn’t register as one, SHIT! What kind of Christian are you? What kind of person are you when you say that you’re pursuing justice and are attacking the perverts, pedophiles, rapist, and etc?


How many escorts pimped their own daughter, Desi?
How many escorts married a registered sex offender and has a son that’s one, Desi?
How many escorts are associated with a racist, antisemitic, life failure that is too lazy to work and get a job?
How many escorts are associated with a nutjob who bullies people on Twitter about their weight and other shit, Desi?


Foxx doesn't condone Foster Serenity Haze is a victim me-headshot-compressd_400x400

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