Proof that Monica Foster is a Fraud: She PAYS for her YouTube views

I have never seen anyone publish this before, so I decided to do this myself just to point out another fact that makes Monica Foster a loser in life. This psycho bitch is a FRAUD! On a side note, Sean Tompkins did do a blog about Monica Foster allegedly paying for her Twitter followers on his website If you pay attention to her Twitter feed, the only ones who truly respond to her is the failed musician Barry Nelson, Desi Foxx, and Desi’s dozen fake Twitter accounts. For someone who takes pride in having over 13,000 followers, only about 3 regulars ever respond! She never even had an established name in the industry in order to get that many followers.

Anyway, Monica Foster’s shitty YouTube vids (which are too long and boring), have 1000s of views. Did you know that there’s websites out there that allows you to buy 1000s of views for just a few dollars? As Monica Foster always says, “Google it”. Now it all makes sense! For someone who has that many views, yet isn’t able to get a large number of subscribers, only has a few people leaving comments, doesn’t get paid for advertisements which includes her websites, doesn’t get booked for kind appearances (Shelly Lubben even accomplished that), every petition that she signs ALWAYS fails and she only gets a few signatures, unable to raise more than $40, and other shit!

If Monica Foster’s YouTube video views were “legit” this woman would have a much better life than what she has now. What’s funny is that she thinks that she’s actually fooling people to think that she’s a successful blogger and YouTube personality. If she actually were, she wouldn’t of had been scared to go on Dr. Phil last year when Tristan Stadtmuller got the show interested in having them both appear on it.

Want to read something funny? Early October 2015, Monica Foster spent her weekend wasted and possibly high and she spent it on PWL arguing with the members about how popular she is. It started on a Friday approximately 5:30 pm and it lasted non-stop until about 1:30 am. She went as far as comparing herself as being as popular as Tori Black! Then that Saturday she got up there pretending to be Tori Black and supporting herself!

She’s as popular as Tori Black, she has 1000s of views on YouTube, and she has over 13,000 followers on Twitter, yet she gets no big media attention and she begged any random man on Twitter to marry her.

One final fact, if Monica Foster’s Twitter followers and YouTube views were all REAL and LEGIT, there would be numerous true Christian believers on social media exposing Foster as being a fake and a fraud and that she blasphemy God and Jesus Christ to help promote her stalking, harassment, and stupidity.




  1. Every follower on every site she is on is bought and paid for by her sugar daddy’s. She isn’t remotely interesting or cute, has an annoying voice and her shtick grew tired and old a long time ago. She buys followers to save face because no one cares about her videos or her Twitter rants but she can always say she has 3000 YouTube subscribers or 13,000 Twitter followers which is more than most people have – but none of them are real.

    • True! She’s an internet fraud and she’s just desperate for attention. She needs to get a life and get a job, but she refuses to better herself in anyway.

  2. Watch out for the new article about her followers. One or many of those obese virgins has to be supporting her. Unless mommy and daddy still support her. Whoever is supporting her is enabling a black supremacist whore drug addict alcoholic who sits around all day and goes on drug fueled rants. They are the ones that need to be sued next time and then maybe they’ll stop supporting her. She won’t ever stop her bullshit as long as she is being enabled. She is a lost cause and should be left to rot.

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