Proof That Stacie Halas Lied to School Admin is Right on Tape

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According to School Administrators, Stacie Halas never told them about her porn past but in one of her movies, she admits that she was teaching AND doing porn.

from The Adult FYI files: The following appeared on The Smoking Gun May 22, 2012:

The California teacher fired last month after her former career as a porn actress was discovered by pupils and school administrators once spoke openly about her work as an educator in behind-the-scenes footage included in one of her X-rated films.

Stacie Halas, 31, worked as a science teacher at a public school in Oxnard, where the local school board voted unanimously to can her after learning that she had starred in an array of hardcore porn films (some of which were discovered online by her students at Richard B. Haydock Intermediate School, where Halas began working in 2009).

In announcing Halas’s firing, school administrators spoke of their concern about disruptions that could result from her return to the classroom.

Halas has appealed the school board’s ruling and, as a result, will get a hearing before a three-member panel headed by an administrative law judge, according to Oxnard schools superintendent Jeff Chancer, who added that Halas remains on the district’s payroll.

Halas filmed dozens of explicit films between 2005-2007, including one titled “No Cum Dodging Allowed #7.” The 2006 film, which shows Halas engaged with up to four men at a time, includes interview footage with her before action began at a private residence in California.

In the behind-the-scenes clip, Halas, who used the stage name “Tiffany Six,” is asked by the interviewer whether her film career was “risky.”

“It is risky, very risky for me. ‘Cause I am a teacher,” answered Halas, who was then working at a California public school (where she was employed prior to her Oxnard teaching post).

When asked if she was worried about people learning of her explicit films, she answered, “A little bit.” As for why she did the pornos, Halas answered, “Money, and it’s fun, it’s exciting.”

The male interviewer, who was questioning a clothed Halas in a backyard, envisioned the day when her students learned of her X-rated canon.

“You’ll see it on the young boys’s faces,” he said. While Halas laughed, she noted, “It’s a concern.”

When the man mentioned a teacher who got into trouble for engaging in sex acts with “young kids,” Halas laughed, “Well, at least I didn’t do the students.”

She later added, “I have to say I’m not into the students, though. At least I don’t do that.” After the interviewer remarked that the teacher deserved a trophy (and called one boy’s parents “the biggest cockblockers on earth” for reporting the abuse), Halas laughed heartily and said, “That’s awesome.”

Halas was then asked, “Do you think if they find out you’ll get fired?” She answered, “Questionable, probably.” The interviewer then asked if she had worked really hard to get her teaching post. “I did work really hard,” said Halas.

At the interview’s conclusion, Halas was asked what had brought her to porn. “I think it’s just the excitement, doing something different. That you’re not supposed to do, maybe. I don’t know. Kinda weird.” Halas is pictured at right in a screen grab from the video.

Halas then is seen on the video’s following 45 minutes engaging in a wide variety of sexual acts with an assortment of actors, including one who uses the stage name “Arnold Schwartzenpecker.”

Listen to a portion of Halas’s behind-the-scenes Q&A here:

While Halas only appears in a small photo on the video’s cover, she has the cover to herself in the videos “Anal Cumsumption #5” and “Super Size My Snatch #2.” On “Girls Hunting Girls #10,” she shares the cover with two actresses, one of whom is Bree Olson, who subsequently gained notoriety as one of Charlie Sheen’s “goddesses.” (1 page)

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