Prop 60 Is Complete And Utter Bullshit – Cameron Reed & Cameron Bay Are Spokespeople For It, Both Got HIV From Gay Men

Who is dumb enough to vote yes on this bullshit? Cameron Bay And Cameron Reed are acting like victims in the Yes On Prop 60 spots but both got HIV from gay men. They would have gotten it even if they weren’t in porn because they lived risky lifestyles and had sex with homosexuals on a regular basis.


Both are now fat from their HIV meds but they can’t blame anyone but themselves for getting the virus. Bay got it from her gay boyfriend Rod Daily and who the hell knows what Reed was doing as a homosexual, gay escort and gay porn performer. It is believed he contracted it during gay escorting. The point is, both got it from homosexuals. STOP HIRING HOMOSEXUALS in STRAIGHT porn and the HIV will stop. Forget condoms in straight porn. Straights aren’t spreading this shit, gays are. People should be able to vote whether to allow homosexuals to work in straight porn instead.

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  1. I agree that crossovers male talent should not be allowed to perform in Straight porn because seriously you have to like men in order to even do that. I don’t care how much I love female’s and would want to be in straight porn, there is no way I would ever stick my penis inside another man. statistics show that Hiv is higher in gay porn than straight porn period.

    Porn companies are to blame not the performers because they want to turn a profit they know crossovers tend to be stronger performers than most of the straight dudes in porn.

    plus all of these people who could not cut it in Hollywood has messed porn up with all of these parody’s and big production that turn out to be cool but at the end of the day people will watch a tiny bit of these big scripted scenes but after about a min they just want to see sex.
    If porn wants to start making money again cut out this big produciton and just go back to gonzo

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