Prya Rai, Mariah Milano Appear on the Howard Stern Show

from – ….Howard said they had some girls coming in to play a Beetlejuice Mismatch Game. Howard said they had some prize money to give away to the girls courtesy of the new show ”This is Beetle”

The girls came in and they were porn stars Priya [Rai] and Mariah [Milano- pictured]. Howard asked them about their careers and found out that Priya was from India and she was adopted. She said that she gets a lot of hate mail because porn was banned in India. She’s been in the business for a year and has made 258 films already. Howard had some examples of her stuff and she had no idea what the names of her films were because she’s been in so many.

This was from ”Energetic Sex.” Howard read that she likes to be spanked and she likes hot candle wax too. Howard said she doesn’t like having sex with women though. Priya said that’s not really true. She said she does girl/girl scenes with friends. She said doing girls is a mental thing so that’s why she has to be friends.

Howard read that Priya can see ghosts and she goes to graveyards to see them. She said she has had that gift since she was a young child. She said she does see things and it’s when she’s very sober. She said she likes to stay fucked up so she doesn’t have to see them. Priya said they scared her in the beginning but not so much now. Priya said that a graveyard is the safest place to be. Beet said that’s not true and he’s afraid to go into one.

Priya told Howard that she had sex the first time on a piano. She told that story but Howard cut her off and told her to just get naked.

Howard asked Priya if her parents don’t know what she does for a living. She said that they don’t know. She said they’re like 70 years old and they’re going to die so they’ll never know. She said that they’re very religious and no one would ever tell them that she’s in porn because they’d ask why those people were even watching that shit.

Priya said she tells her parents that she’s a bartender and a model. Howard asked if she was high on something. She said she wasn’t but everyone else thought she was. She said she had a couple of drinks but that was it. Howard told Priya to take some clothes off while he talks to Mariah. She did that and Beet said he’d bang it all up.

Howard was losing control of the show with everyone talking at once. Howard tried to talk to Mariah about how long she’s been in porn. She’s been in it on and off for 11 years. Beetle liked her too and said he’d like to work it up for Howard.

Howard gave up on the interview and said he wanted to move on to the game. He had Priya take off the reset of her clothes so he could look at her before the game. She was rambling on and not getting her clothes off so Howard got back to Mariah.

Howard read that Mariah gives the best blow jobs. He asked where she learned. She said she thinks she was born with it. She said she could suck the cum right out of him. She said she’d do it with Howard even though he’s married. She has a son who is 13 years old so Howard asked how she’s going to break the news to her. Mariah said she’s not sure yet. She said he thinks that she’s in make up. She said she’s only done about 50 guys in her career. She said she’s done many of them multiple times.

Howard asked Mariah to take off her clothes so they can play the game. She said no and said that she wanted to talk more before taking her clothes off. Artie said that the game was ”shut the fuck up and take your clothes off.” Mariah didn’t like that. She insisted on talking to Howard more.

Howard asked Mariah some more questions and found out that she doesn’t do interracial stuff on film. Mariah said that she got pregnant by a black guy and her father wasn’t too happy about that. She said he loves him now though.

Priya said she has two black kids too. She said that one is 16 and one is 10. She was going nuts rambling on and on out loud while Mariah was trying to do her interview.

Priya thought they were going to be running in this competition but they were just going to play the Beetlejuice Mismatch Game. They just had to stand there. Howard was ready to give up on the game before it even began. Howard said they were all over the place and he didn’t know what to do with them. He said he was just going to give them the money and give up.

Howard said they had $2,500 in prize money and it was courtesy of the This is Beetle show. you can find out more at

Howard had the girls make out a little bit. They got into it a little bit too much. Howard said they were going a little too far with one another. Howard said it was time to play the game but they were busy messing around with each other.

Howard got to the game and asked Priya to figure out if Beetle could match up ”Cats and ____” Priya said no. She was right so she won $500 and a plug. Howard said you can win a date with Priya at She said that she didn’t know anything about banging the guy. She said that there are 50 other women there and the guy will get to meet all of them and they’re not porn stars.

Howard moved on to Mariah next. He played a clip of Beet trying to fill in the blank in ”It’s a matter of life and ____” Mariah said she hopes he’ll know it. Beet said ”death” so she won too. Howard gave Mariah her $500 and said he was going to bail out of the game now. He couldn’t take the madness in the studio. Howard said you can check out Mariah at He also gave Priya another plug for He tried to give everyone plugs but Mariah kept plugging her own site a few times.

You can book Beetlejuice at He’s going to be appearing with Bob Levy too so you can find those dates at

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