Public Disgrace will Become Peter Acworth’s Public Disgrace

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I don’t know if you noticed, but when Clover popped up with syphilis, there was a palace coup in this business. Except the idiots who are now running the palace- LATATA- don’t know the first thing about torture chambers.

But and Peter Acworth do. That’s the specialty of Acworth and Princess Donna – the beatings and the Public Disgrace of female porn performers. It may surprise you, it may not, to learn that all roads from Cameron Bay’s doorstep are going to lead to Peter Acworth’s armory.

It began with an amazing piece of evidence showing Cameron Bay’s busted breast from that shoot, and in hours we’ll have enough to piece together to show you exactly how she became infected with HIV.

Meanwhile check out this story if you missed it the first time

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