Publicist steals performers domain name

I’ve been hearing rumors that a certain publicist has been offering “free” PR. But just how free is it really?

I’m hearing that he just sent one girl an invoice for $400 for the “free” month of PR he was supposed to give her. When did $400 a month become fucking free? Free means you don’t pay shit. What kind of fucking dick charges a girl who something he said he would give her for free?

But that’s nothing compared to what I’m hearing now about these scam artists. He’s now buying the domain names of girls and redirecting them to his own website.

When he gets accused of cybersquating, which is against the law he simply laughs and asks what the girl is going to do about it, knowing to file a complaint with ICANN will cost them thousands of dollars to file a complaint.

What kind of piece of shit publicist steals a chicks domain name?


Let’s just ask Callie Klein. If you visit where do you end up? None other than

How fucking hard up do you have to be to try and extort a fucking porn star for their domain name?  I wonder if that fucker knows the meaning of cybersquatting?

Sure she can just get another domain name and promote that instead but that isn’t really the point.  The point is, what kind of fucker does this in the first place in an attempt to extort a client?

Are the fuckers who run XXXSTARPR really that hard up for money that they have to resort that that kind of bullshit?

Are they really that hard up for business?

So the little piece of shit can’t try and deny it later, I recorded a video of it redirecting to his site.

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