PUMPSmag Feature Beauty Alyshia Ashlee Bears The Naked Truth

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Broadway Joel writes at www.pumpsmag.com – Hello there fellow readers as we have something special in store for you with our latest PUMPS Feature Girl.

This blonde beauty is not a well recognized name in the adult industry. Not to worry, we will shed light on this up and coming newcomer who will be hitting your laptop on an internet page near you. The lovely Alyshia Ashlee is only 22 and hails from the beautiful city of Toronto, Canada.

This triple threat Canadian model has a curvaceous body, golden blonde hair, and youthful exuberance that has everyone lined up around the corner……ready to work with this hottie. At 5’2, 112 pounds and measurements of 33C-25-35. Any man would love to bring this cute munchkin home to mama. She may be a rookie in her line of work but when your gaining the attention of entertainment giants such as Playboy, this young beauty may look inexperienced but is making huge career strides .

Trust me when I say making the jump from the back pages to front and center stage is never easy but it isn’t impossible. It seems Alyshia sneaked in through the back door and hasn’t looked back since. Being recognized as Playboys’ Miss Social of 2010 and Miss Coed of Coed Magazine are just accolades that show her formula to success works. This girl next door is on the fast track to becoming a Playboy Playmate in no time. In the meantime keep your eyes and ears open for Alyshia in 2012-20123. Now that you are here take the time to get to know Ms. Ashlee and what sparks her sexual drive plus what are her favorite sexual positions are! Enjoy the read my friends!

(PUMPSmag): How long have been in this industry and what made you get into it?

(Alyshia Ashlee): I have been modeling most of my life, I started modeling as a child for a clothing store called Please Mum, I stopped a few years later and pursued gymnastics. At the age of 14, I started doing makeup for local photographers, and frequently got told I should model as well. After sitting in a few times [on photo shoots], I definitely felt something special and wanted to continue. Within the last year I have really started taking my modeling seriously and started to pursue it as a part –time career as well as my makeup business.

(PM): Our readers would love to know, are you submissive or do you like the man to take charge in bed?

(AA): I like a healthy balance but I love when the guys take charge, especially if I have had a long day. Haha.

(PM): What’s a sexual turn on for you that is sure to get you in the mood?

(AA): Wine is always good, delicious, plus romantic and accompanied by a massage.

(PM): What is your favorite position in bed and why?

(AA): They’re all good, haha! who can chose favorites, there are so many!

(PM): What’s your favorite body part and why?

(AA): On someone else, I love nice arms/chest on a man. On me, my booty isn’t to shabby.

(PM): Does size really matter or is it all about how they work it?

(AA): Size does matter, in the sense that if your too huge…go away. Some people are just to huge, and that’s just plain painful.

(PM): Have you done role playing in bed, if not would you and what role would you play?

(AA): Not too much role playing has gone on, but perhaps teacher student.

(PM): Whats the weirdest place you’ve ever had sex?

(AA): I haven’t gotten to weird but a nice forest sexcapade never hurt anyone right? Or did it!

(PM): What were you doing before become a model?

(AA): Makeup Artist!

(PM): Explain your experience with playboy and what you have coming up next?

(AA): My experiences with Playboy have been few but hopefully more in the future. I shot at a Playboy casting call and my photos got selected for their Cyber Club in 2009. I also ran in the online competition Playboy Miss Social in 2010 and in many weeks held a top spot. I recently, this past July worked the Playboy Golf tour in Toronto’s portion and was 1 of 4 lucky girls voted by the golfers. Playmates will help host several golf parties in Vegas during April 2013 and also a chance to shoot for Playboy. I am hoping to have a lot more work with Playboy in the future and who knows where you will see me next. 🙂

(PM): Explain what makes Alyshia Ashlee sexy?

(AA): I would have to say what makes me sexy is my confidence and personality. I am not afraid to make people laugh and be exactly who I am. I am sarcastic, girly, full of energy, ambitious and I portray that in my work! Also I think being 100% natural doesn’t hurt in making me sexy. It shows I am happy with who I am and what I’ve got!

(PM): Do have any favorite exotic dancers or adult stars?

(AA): Absolutely, I love Jenna Jameson, she is the most confident, smart, and ambitious star out there. I have a ton of respect for her. Not to mention she is dynamite to look at! PHEWPH! Now that she took out her implants she’s sexier than ever!

(PM): How do you keep your sexy body together? (small waist, great ass, wonderful breast)

(AA): I have to give credit to a healthy diet! I don’t have a sweet tooth so that helps me out a lot but I do love sushi!!!!!!!!!!!! I try to play my Wii fit and do crunches on commercial breaks if I am relaxing around home. I also love to walk! Walk everywhere all the time!!

(PM): You pride yourself on being the ALL NATURAL GIRL, why do you think natural is better?

(AA): I think natural is better because I think more people need to be happy with themselves. We all have things we are not crazy about in ourselves. The media needs to show more natural women in the spotlight. Natural makes you who you are and defines you from the rest. Especially in a world of so much plastic, its more unique too be happy with yourself. But natural or plastic beauty comes in all forms.

(PM): Who is your favorite athlete and why?

(AA): I don’t follow too many athletes . . but David Beckham is a babe.

(PM): If you are interested in someone do you like being approached or do you sometimes do the approaching?

(AA): I love being approached because who doesn’t want to feel desired? But by no means am I afraid to go after what I want. If a man is shy and takes too long to approach me. I am not shy to walk right up to them and introduce myself.

(PM): What’s the one thing men need to know about Alyshia Ashlee if the they are about to approach you?

(AA): SMILE and shake my hand FIRMLY, a man needs a good grip.

(PM): Any Hobbies and Interest beside work?

(AA): Not much of a hobbyist haha. I work hard and a lot, lucky for me it feels like a hobby because I love it!

(PM): Name one thing your fans do not know about you?

(AA): I am allergic to the cold. SERIOUSLY , I get hives and everything.

(PM): Do you have any fetishes?

(AA): Not really, but I love a nice butt!

(PM): What do you do on a typical Weekend for you?

(AA): Typical weekend……I like to clean my house haha. I also love to squeeze in some makeup work and a shoot if I can. I love to go for long walks, and cook a good meal. Tonight I am baking chicken, and turnip and a few other things!

(PM): If you could ever do a sex scene with a celebrity or an athlete (girl& guy) who would it be and why?

(AA): I’ve said it before, and I’’ll continue, JENNA JAMESON. Confidence, beauty, and business mentality. Women can own the world!

(PM): What makes you different or better then other women in this industry?

(AA): I won’t say I am better but I think my drive and down to earth personality separates me from the rest. I know who I am; what my morals and beliefs are. Its good to have have a shoulders on your head.

(PM): When will you be in the states again?

(AA): That is a good question, I have no plans as of yet, but always open to shoot so contact me for bookings!

(PM): What do you have planned for future?

(AA): Big things are in my future, just you wait. House hold name I assure you!

(PM): Where can your fans find you and how can they reach you?

My Facebook Page

Twitter: @alyshiaashlee

Instagram: @alyshiaashle

There you have it!! I see you have enjoyed your journey with Alyshia Ashlee. I know from the surface it seems she just another beauty with a nice ass. This beautiful model does not fall under the dumb blond category at all. Not many girls in her line of work can make power moves and set themselves up for a successful future. If this isn’t a clear indication of a female who wants to win, then I don’t know what is. Stay tuned because you will be seeing more of this leading lady in a Playboy Issue near you!

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