PumpsMag.com Interviews Natasha Vega

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Broadway Joel writes on www.pumpsmag.com – Man-eater Natasha Vega took a few minutes to sit down with us for an exclusive one on one. Like our past Feature Girls, we focused in on intimate questions and got tantalizing answers. Unlike the other girls we covered, Natasha covers a wide range of topics from her sexuality, erotic dancing, and her future aspirations.

Before you hop on the internet and Google Natasha, take some time to know who she is first. The young porn legend in the making started a career no longer than a year ago.

Her premature adult career only started in February 2011, but this young rookie is not letting her lack of experience stop her ambitious goals. When she isn’t feature dancing, Natasha is making it her business to shoot exotic XXX videos with production juggernauts Reality Kings and Naughty America.

Even though she doesn’t have an extensive body of work yet, the 21-year-old is one of the most sought after adult actress in today’s industry. Who wouldn’t want to work with the slim 5’5 / 114 lbs frame, to go along with 34DD?

But before you bust that nut, just wait there’s more. Not only does she have a slamming body but her tattoos and piercings are just the tip of the ice berg. Vega has an array of tattoos on her left side of belly, lower back and left…..right shoulder blades. The piercings are an added incentive with locations below her lower right lip, navel and between her breasts.

This beautiful sex kitten is already making 2012 a year to remember. She has already been awarded Miss Exotic Florida, Miss Nude United State Porn Champ, and is a Nominee Newcomer Feature of the Year. Do we smell a rising star in our midst? You be the judge. Take a look below and enjoy!

Q: How long have been in this industry and what made you get into it?

(Natasha Vega): I started in the adult industry February 2011.. I had a few friends that were porn stars and thought I would give it a try.

Q: What were you doing before became an Adult entertainer?

I was a dancing and getting ready to start touring as a feature.

Q: How did you come up with your name?

My agent and I wanted a name that fit my edgy, exotic look. We came up with Natasha Vega and thought it matched perfectly.

Q: Do you feature dance and if so how long have you been dancing?

Yes, performing is my passion! I started dancing as a child, and it progressed into night clubs in my adult life. I have been performing about 3 years now. I started touring and doing competitions last year, so I’m pretty new to this industry.

Q: Who are you favorite exotic dancers and adult stars?

There are so many I admire; each one brings something different to the stage that you can learn from. There are a few adult stars I have a crush on and I would love to shoot with, but it’s a secret. 😉

Q: How do you keep your sexy body together? (small waist, great ass, wonderful breast)

I don’t really work out..sad I know. lol.. But I dance at least 4 days out of the week. Even in my free time I dance around the hotel rooms or wherever I am at. Dancing is my cardio, and I do pole work, gymnastics, and aerial hoop (lyra) which keeps me toned. My partner and I like to practice a lot together which motivates me. I try to eat a lot of fruits and veggies for my diet.

Q: What’s makes the sexual experience with Natasha Vega so so special?

I am a very sexual women. I like turning my partner on as much as they like to turn me on. I’m very open minded and love to experiment.

Q: Where do you like guys to cum on you?

My booottttyyy..not my face. :/

Q: There are many Adult Entertainer conventions approaching, are there any where your fans can come see you?

We have the Nudes a Poppin competition in Indiana coming up the 21st of July. I will be performing at the Expo convention which I received a nominated this year. Plus it will be held next month in Vegas.

Q: Is there one celebrity you would want to to do a scene with and why?

David Beckham is my celebrity man crush. He’s just so sexy. There’s a few celebrity women that are pretty hot too. Hahaha.

Q: Who is your favorite athlete and why?

I don’t really watch sports except for gymnast and dancers. I really like Julianne Hough off of dancing with the stars if that counts?

Q: Which adult entertainers did you have your best scenes with? (guys / girls)

I haven’t worked with any one more than once except for Mick Blue…I haven’t worked with many females as well. My agent knows I would like more female action .:)

Q: How do you like to be handled in bed?

Depends on the mood the male and female are in. With men I like getting straight to business, and with women I like a little more foreplay and lots of kissing.

Q: If you are interested in someone do you like being approached or do you sometimes do the approaching?

It takes a little of both from each person.

Q: What’s one thing men need to know about Natasha Vega if the they are about to approach you?

Don’t be cocky, demanding, or disrespectful.

Q: Any Hobbies and Interest beside work?

My work is my hobby and interest .. I love what I do:) outside of that I like hang with my girls and have a good time.

Q: Name one thing your fans do not know about you?

If I told then they would no longer NOT know. lol

Q: Do you have any fetishes?

I love being kinky and exploring my sexuality. I am totally open minded with a foreign fetish for sure. I have a thing for men and women that have an edgy or erotic look.

Q: What do you do on a typical weekend for you?

Outside of work I practice, relax and kick back like anyone else. Get my errands done, nails, tanning and all those necessities.

Q: What makes you different or better than other women in this industry?

I wouldn’t say better, but we all have something unique about us. I think I bring a lot of energy and fun. I’m pretty wild and just enjoy myself. I try to have a good time doing what I love instead of treating it like a job. I love to try new things and learn from the other women in the industry as well as improve myself with my own ideas.

Q: What do you have planned for future?

Hopefully rack up more titles and keep furthering my career in this industry. Right now, I have 2012 expo convention coming up that I am really looking forward too.

Q: Where can your fans find you and how can they reach you?

They can find me on my Twitter plus I will be starting Streamate soon!! I also have my own website currently being built at natashavegaxxx.com.

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