Quick Thought Over The Morning’s Coffee: Welcome to the Party LukeisBack on the Xander Corvus HIV Theory

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I’ve been telling you for at a least month that Xander Corvus is a hot spot on the HIV Radar screen. www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=59912

Corvus, though he’s currently testing negative for HIV, was the performer with the bloody dick who worked with Cameron Bay July 31st in a Public Disgrace scene for Kink.com. Bay tested positive for HIV about three weeks later.

Bloody dick in a girl’s mouth. HIV three weeks later. Hmmm. Wouldn’t that lead you to suspect that Corvus may have been the one to transfer HIV to Cameron Bay? But you’re going to tell me Corvus has tested negative, and I’m going to tell you that according to the CDC there’s an HIV window period that varies from individual to individual.

It can be anywhere from 9 days to six months. I notice that LukeIsBack.com is picking up on the theory, and I say welcome to the party.


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