Rachel Starr is excited to hang out with Mike Napoli; we thought she was Machine Gun Kelly’s Girl

Back story: www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=59521 Also note that Starr is buddies with Kendra Lust- the same Kendra Lust who’s rumored to be screwing around with wrestler John Cena. I think we’ve uncovered a cabal of celebrity fuckers. Wouldn’t that be a shock. Think in terms of the Andy San Dimas unicorn scandal at a Pittsburgh Pirates game recently and we’re certain of it.

from www.larrybrownsports.com: Boston Red Sox slugger Mike Napoli has been nursing a foot injury and Tuesday night’s contest with the San Francisco Giants will mark miss his fourth straight missed game. However, it appears he is still in for a pretty fun evening.

Thanks to the wonderful world of Twitter, Napoli’s postgame plans have become public. On Tuesday afternoon, porn star Rachel Starr tweeted that she is excited to be hanging out with one of her very close friends after the game in San Francisco. That friend is Napoli.

Rachel Starr @RachelStarrxxx

Looks like I’m going to the baseball game tonight in San Fran to see @MikeNapoli25 WIN!! Awwwwww can’t wait to hang out after!
1:33 PM – 20 Aug 2013

From the sound of it, Starr and Napoli have hung out before. When fellow pornstar Kendra Lust tweeted at Starr to tell her to have a good night, Rachel responded with the following.

Kendra Lust @KendraLust

@RachelStarrxxx @MikeNapoli25 have fun 🙂 so cool going to game there i bet xoxo

Rachel Starr @RachelStarrxxx

@KendraLust @MikeNapoli25 I wish u were going with me! Mike is one of my fav friends to hang out with!

And you thought Rob Gronkowski was the only big-time athlete in Boston who likes to kick it with adult film stars? If we had to pick one guy on the Red Sox roster who we thought would hang out with porn stars, it would be Napoli. Remember, this is the same guy who wore this incredibly inappropriate shirt to a Christmas party one week after judging a Hooters bikini contest. Game over.

from www.foxsports.com – Jocks always have had their fair share of females around them. Sometimes these women are movie stars — if you’re Derek Jeter. Sometimes, for the less discreet, they’re porn stars.

Into those annals goes Mike Napoli of the Boston Red Sox, whose purported plans to “hang out” with porn star Rachel Starr on Tuesday night got broadcast to the universe by Ms. Starr herself.

Rachel Starr @RachelStarrxxx

Looks like I’m going to the baseball game tonight in San Fran to see @MikeNapoli25 WIN!! Awwwwww can’t wait to hang out after!
1:33 PM – 20 Aug 2013

And then there she was, watching the Giants host the Red Sox.

But apparently Nap never told her he wasn’t starting due to a sore left foot.

Rachel Starr @RachelStarrxxx

I have the best tickets ever to see Red Sox @MikeNapoli25 win over the giants! With @iamgingerman pic.twitter.com/n84Zsi6l6w

AJ @aleccgoeswoof

8:53 PM – 20 Aug 2013

He did take over at first in the eighth and grounded out in the ninth. The Sox lost 3-2 on a walk-off walk. Bummer. Wonder if Ms. Starr still was there, or had left to prepare for some therapy on Napoli’s foot.

Oh, and you’re welcome.

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