Radio Free Sex

Last night I was listening/watching to The Wanker Show on with a lady friend of mine. It was the part of the show where Wankus and his co host, Star E. Night administer taste and smell tests for anthrax on the guests (“For the security of our country”). My friend had never seen the show before and I think she was quite amazed at what was transpiring. It was then, Wankus’ face buried into the crotch of some pornstar’s pussy, that she made what I think was a particularly astute (albeit obvious) comment when she said, “I bet so many guys want to be Wankus.”
Without a doubt, Wankus makes regular radio, not to mention your average guy’s regular life, seem pretty boring.

Mainstream DJs can only get so risqué with stunts on-air before they incur the wrath of the conservative FCC (just ask twice-banned-from-the-air-waves Opie and Anthony: see YesPortal’s earlier story on the subject). God bless Internet radio, whose freedoms allow a DJ like Wankus to join in on a full-on orgy with three hot guests, Fionna Cheeks, Alana Evans and Kennedy of The Bunny Ranch.

Tuesday, what began as a typical interview quickly got out of hand and turned into a wild, no holes-left-unfucked orgy. Not that there isn’t sex aplenty on the Wankus show, but it’s not every day that everybody starts fucking everybody.


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