Rapper Bow Wow Tells “Dumb Braud” Katsuni To Pound $80,000 Judgment

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from www.globalgrind.com – Bow Wow is putting his foot down!

The rapper was recently ordered to pay a porn star by the name of Katsuni $80,000, after she sued him for using her image in a video without permission. The only issue is, according to Bow Wow, the video has nothing to do with him, except that he reposted it.

Here’s what he had to say on Facebook:

“Yo! That dumb ass porn star chick who ever she is aint getting a dime from us! We aint make no vieo. That video was mashed up by somebody on Youtube and i reposted cuz it was dope. People mash up artist videos all the time online. Everybody looking for a hustle. Then they tryna say drink in my cup is my song. That aint my song u dumb braud! Get a life. I dont play dem games. Niggas work too hard to give away free money.”

We feel you Bow… and we’re sure if you showed up to the court date to explain that the video was not yours, you would have won.

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If Katsuni comes up 80 stacks because of this… well, let’s just hope Mr. 106 & Park can get it straightened out before any more damage is done.

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