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Holly Started Hooking & Dave C Made Intros

and they became clients of Holly Miles

--Gene Ross

Earlier Kevin Blatt had posted this of

Kevin Blatt continues on GFY: After sex toy network folded, I was then approached by guys at a company called HERBALO to head up their marketing and sales. They were familiar with me as well through reading my rants about Andy / YNOT/ and JMM- I went to go work for them and helped make that company a major player in the herbal business online bringing in affiliates like CE, Babenet, XPAYS, Vivid, Python etc-

I had moved in to another direction, consulting.

Now I could sign 3, 6 and 9 month contracts to promote companies and not have to be an "employee" I start making some dough, my friends are all spamming and making huge money - we are all partying and good. I go to a party at the house and meet a girl named Holly Miles- a fledgling, little porn star who hadn't even begun to live her life at the age of 20 yet. She was introduced to the biz by working as a secretary for my friend, Brian Muir- she later went on to shoot hardcore scenes and her shit is everywhere.

One of the first people she meets and shoots for is Dave Cummings the Sugar Daddy

In fact one of their scenes they filmed was busted up by cops here in a public park. Both of them were chagrined to say the least. Holly and I get a little more serious as time passes and I don't want her shooting B/G scene anymore as well as she says she will only do G/G.

Holly liked to take Vicodin's and pop pills, she would go to Mexico three times a week and pick up literally hundreds of pills and bring them back for friends and support her habit.

One night while she is in a coma sleeping, her phone starts ringing off the hook - I notice the numbers are local and write down the numbers only to call them later-

One number gets traced back to a major player in the novelty business who is MARRIED and loves to fuck whores at every tradeshow. I question her about the calls and she tells me" it's people looking to buy pills" I am no idiot, maybe someone would call franticly

For cocaine or speed but Vicodin?

Didn't buy it- I finally told her I knew what was up and she started telling me the truth that she was HOOKING on the side and that Dave Cummings made some introductions to his buddies and they became clients of Holly's . I was devastated, heartbroken and pissed that she had lied to me. Not to mention I was sleeping with a girl who was sleeping with old men- I had no idea what the hell she could have given me.

As with any relationship- we tried to work it out but her drug problem became critical. I stepped up and made a very hard call to her father whom I had never met and had to tell him that his daughter was not only a danger to herself she was going to die.

If you think it gave me great pleasure to have to tell someone's father that their daughter is hooked on drugs and tricking to get by, you are crazy.

Of course she was in denial- and she felt so betrayed that I would such a thing- I told her- "You may not like me- you may even hate me- but someday YOU WILL Thank me"

It was at that time, she was approached by JMM through Dave to run her website for her- She cried about what an asshole I was to him and he said he would get "even with me"

This is where the story stats to turn real yucky...

After signing an agreement with JMM and Zimm of WEG Cash she wss to do a "gangbang type" of a site where she would live in a house and get gang raped by a bunch of dudes- sound like fun?

Nice way to take advantage of a drug addict eh? I believe in AA they call these types of predators "enablers".At some point over a year ago, she goes to JMM's office equipped with a tape recorder and plays all these crazy messages I left for her to JMM of which Brad Shaw seemed to get his fat, greasy, little fingers on and wanted to stream and put up on the boards to show what kind of maniac I was- When in essence he had no idea what the fuck was going on. But hey JMM was his buddy...

What he also didn't know was that my compuer had been hacked. I ws dumfounded when I learned that soeone had gotten into my outlook and started sending messages and emails to peoples private addresses- This all occurred during the PARIS HILTON SEX TAPE Fiasco I had going on with SEXBRAT.COM Here is an example of one of the emails that was spoofed and sent to a reporter

From: Diane Crawford []

Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2003 12:05 PM


Subject: Confirmation for Paris Hilton Sex Tapes Article


My name is Diane Crawford and I am a freelance journalist doing a story on the Paris Hilton Sex Tape scandal for several online publications. I am trying to reach someone from Marvad or the website for confirmation on the kiddy porn rumors that are now abound. If I have not reached the right people, please forward my message to the person/persons who can officially comment.

I spoke with a Mr. Kevin Blatt, Director of marketing for I am seeking clarification on two quotes from my interview with Mr. Blatt:

1. "I don't know if the tape is kiddy porn, at this point nobody really does. We know when the tape was made and we know her (Paris Hilton) birthday so you do the math. The tape was acquired legitimately so any kiddy porn charges would go against either Donald or Ron. You would have to discuss it with them."

2. "We have a signed release and the tape was acquired legitimately. Paris is a smart girl and she saw what the Pam/Tommy video did for Pam's career. She can pretend to be a victim, but she is playing the media just like shesaid that she is being played."

I would appreciate clarification or comments as soon as possible. I would like the story to go out today and I have a 3 p.m. PDT deadline.

Diane Crawford, Independant Media Associates"

Blatt continues: I report this incident to the FBI and work with law enforcement to try and find out who did this to me-

Turns out , Holly comes to the Vegas show two years ago and gets spun out on Speed and nearly has a nervous breakdown when she sees me on the showfloor she is walking the how floor with JMM and his wife-

Ten minutes after seeing her she calls my cell phone apologizes and wants to see me deperately-

She then comes clean and tells me that it was Jeff Miller that got into my machine and was reaking havocand that he bragged about having all my passwords and such- She had a breakdown, we apologized and I got dressed and went to the Players Ball with Vivid Girl Monique Alexander- which made Holly a little jealous- but who knew things would happen like this?

I then call Dave Cummings and JMM and tel them what I had learned only to have them deny all accusations-Keep in mind, I know the truth-

Lies, Lies , Lies...

I let it go and give them a stern warning that if this shit persists I'll let this story fly publicly- while all the while I was frowarding Luke Ford every email back and forth and Luke was abreast of everything- I felt the need to tell a third party - I did fear for my life before I found out who were the culprits.

Someone was out to ruin my life...

Holly gets clean and sober- she thanks me for being her "living angel on Earth" on a weekly basis now which makes my heart feel real good- She is in college and works a real job and lives at home-

I keep my mouth shut about the entire thing ...I once again move on.

I start doing some consulting work for Dennis Hof of the Bunnyranch, simple suff like getting him a webmaster a new site designed, as well as sold a few banners on his site. we start having a friendly relationshipI go out to the ranch and visit him and he attends our Players Ball's VIP

A few weeks back I am forwarded an email that came from dave to dennis at the ranch about an incredible opportunity he has for Dennis to make over $100,000 with the guys at YNOT running his site for him- I laugh and tell him , that is not going to happen.. He blows it off.

A week ago Dennis calls me and asks me if I want to sell some sponsorships again since he is ramping up his press for Cathouse by going on a lot of mainstream television as well as Stern. I raise some sponsorships in the form of banner spots on the site thanks to ( LITEROTICAVOD, FACIALABUSE.COM and SEXSEARCH).

Things are going great for me this week- I make a few posts that get picked up on Luke and Gene Ross' sites in regards to how I feel AVN treats their female employees, something that I believe is still protected by the 1st Amendment, and make several anti- AVN comments

I get an email from My client last night forwarded to me from Dave Cummings that reads...

"Re: Hope AVN Doesn't Think You Support kbizzle (kevin blatt)!!!!! Please Call me at 800-522-3933 "

And it's linked to the article on Gene's site- Now I am hoping this act of stupidity was of Dave's own volition, and that AVN wouldn't be stupid enough to try to collude with Dave to shut me up by blocking me-

But I feel it's important enough to tell and show you people that this is how a retired Colonel of the Army goes about doing his business- This dirty old man hides behind his medals - but what I want to know is what kind of soldier is a RAT?


I ask you for an apology and I get this as my response?

"The entity that wanted to explore the possibility of assisting Dennis in revitalizing his site does not want trouble from you, so I will now be able to back out of trying to marry them up on the phone."

----- Original Message -----From: Dave Cummings

This is a person who is representing our industry against .XXX- a Person whose name is signed on the TRO against Alberto Gonzalez .

This person wants to sell his videos and grandstand people for his own self interests and feels that using his clout wil help us?

I feel everyone should know what kind of coward and "bitch" goes around talking smack to my clients

I think he is just jealous that I fuck all the girls he has to PAY TO FUCK HIM.

And we all know how high his budgets are- are you still paying girls $150 a BJ Soldier?

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