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Ariana Jollee Interviewed

Wankus on Aurora Snow: the diaper didn't work any more

--Gene Ross

Porn Valley- Ariana Jollee [pictured left] was a guest on The Wanker Show this past week. Jollee was also on the show the week previous, but Wankus said he felt bad she wasn't given the opportunity to talk with Tory Lane giving no one an opportunity get in a word edgewise. Jollee said that was amazing. Even more amazing was the fact that Lane out talked Wankus, according to him. Wankus then threw Jollee a lame question and she didn't know what to say. "Why are you here?" he asked her. Jollee's, like, whu?

Noting that Jollee is an anal freak, Wankus asked her what was the craziest scene she's ever done. Jollee said it would have to be the 65 guy cream pie.

"Sixty five guys plowed your ass and came?" he wanted to be sure.

"Basically yes," she replied.

"And they all left it in?" Wankus asked, suspecting that guy no. 2 was sticking his dick in ass cum. Jollee said they were all European performers, to which Wankus said that all made perfect sense. He then asked Jollee if, when she was on the safety patrol, was she dreaming about 65 guys coming in her ass.

"Not when I was a 13 year-old," she said, softly. "It was more recently." Jollee said the scene was shot in Prague and that everyone had been tested. "I have pictures of all the tests," she said. "I double-checked." Asked if it might have hurt, Jollee said she was ready for anything that day. Jollee said she loves anal sex, in fact all kinds of sex. Asked if her ass was still tight, Jollee said it was.

"I can stretch it pretty far," she said. "But I can squeeze the shit out of a cock. I gape but it goes back to size." Wankus said Aurora Snow had to leave her Sin City contract because her ass couldn't hold it any more.

"It's like trying to put a book on an empty shelf- everything just kept dropping. Aurora was the anal queen for years. Then one day the diaper didn't work any more. They said it's time for you to hang up the ol' colon and move on. She did."

In fact, Wankus said he saw Snow on the corner of La Cienega and some other street. "Her and her webmaster Kenny Knoll, sitting at a bus stop." Then he laughed realizing he had just outed himself as a source on Adultfyi."I really did," Wankus roared. "I'm passing buy this fucking bus stop and me and Tyler are going isn't that Aurora Snow? Isn't that Kenny Knoll? You leave your Sin City contract and you're waiting for a bus, now. Times are rough." In the same breath, Wankus said he wasn't knocking Snow because she's a sweetheart.

"Very nice girl. Very pretty girl. Unfortunately it's like the Lincoln Tunnel back there." For her part, Jollee's ass is nice and tight and good to go.

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