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15:34 PM PST

Max: Courtney Simpson Did Do Anal

in Pure Max 20, and The Max Faktor 14.

--readers respones

Courtney Simpson on KSEX Friday night commented that she didn't do anal- a statement which caught Max Hardcore's cowpoke ear. Max writes the following:

Max: Hey Gene, Don't get me wrong, I like the girl, and appreciate what she did for me. Still, I have to laugh everytime I read that Courtney Simpson says she didn't do anal. That's like denying the sun comes up in he east every day.

This mysterious memory lapse is what I call, 'Selective Whore Memory.' When she first got into the biz, I shot two of her first scenes. And on each occassion, she not only did anal, but also guzzled the gold, and got thoroughly throated. Those titles are Pure Max 20, and The Max Faktor 14. You can check out the trailers, and see for yourself.

Now Courtney may have not done anal after that, which is her (bewildering)decision, but she damn sure did it in several positions in both of my scenes.

The Pure Max 20 trailer can be found at the bottom of this page: And the Max Faktor 14 can be found at the bottom of this page: Enjoy seeing what never happened... According to Courtney!

Max Hardcore,

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