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Brandy Talore Interviewed

"the only cum that ever gets in my mouth is by accident"

--Gene Ross

Porn Valley- Brandy Talore was a guest on KSEX's The Wanker Show Friday night. The obvious question was the spelling of Talore's last name.

"I don't care how they say it as long as they spell it right," she laughed. Talore [pronounced like the regular Taylor] said it was a long story how she acquired that name.

"A long time ago when I first started modeling, someone bought the domain name Brandy Taylor," she said. "So in order for me to get any website I had to change the spelling." Talore said everyone fucks up on the spelling and pronunciation. Asked if she dances, Talore mentioned that sometimes she'll house dance back home in Ohio.

"I always house dance at a club that I started dancing out," she continued. "My stage name was Taylor- that's how I got my porn name." Wankus said Talore had a set of knockers.

"Are those natural?" he asked. Talore, who's with LA Direct, said they were, noting that she's been in porn a little over a year doing basically gonzo shoots. Before that she did magazine work like Hustler's Busty; Score and Gent. She was doing that two years. Before that, Talore did some mainstream modeling for The Gap. Her picture was put on the site and a photographer from Score saw it.

"He contacted me- I was too young and I kept saying no," said Talore. "Plus I was saying I can't do that." When Talore was contacted by the Score photographer she was told all she had to do was pose nude.

"Like they lure you into it, kind of- you pose nude in magazines," Talore went on to say. Eventually they kept talking to me and I was legal then." Talore also said she talked to her family about her career and that they were cool with it.

"But I don't care," said Talore. "This is my life and I'm going to do what I want." Talore said that other peoples' opinions hardly matter in the issue. "I'm not a fuck-up, and I'm just a normal person."

When she was younger, Talore went to Catholic School.

"I grew up in this ghetto area where all these girls were pregnant at 13," she pointed out. "So I was afraid of sex- it was like oh my God if someone kisses me, I'm going to be pregnant." In high school Talore was a cheerleader and a softball player. The joke was made that she probably had to wear two sports bras.

"I was a good girl," swears Talore. "I had sex for the first time when I was 17- that was my first everything besides like a kiss. I didn't let anyone feel me up before that." Talore was with that guy for two years. Then after she started the whole magazine, porn-thing, she tried to have as many one night stands as she could. Talore won't do anal and she's adamant about not doing it.

"I don't want to be that girl, oh, she's not getting work because she's doing anal, now," said Talore. "I don't want to be like everyone else. I do the basic b-g; b-b-g, blowbangs, things like that. I don't do the crazy shit." Talore mentioned that she never gets hired for girl-girl, however.

"I'm all for it," she said. "I like working with them. But in my personal life I've never really got to be with a girl for my own." Talore said she wouldn't mind a girl hitting on her and going to her house to have sex for real.

"I want the real thing."

Because she gets hired for the basic menu, Talore says she always finds herself in a school girl skirt. "Or some shit like that."

Talore said she's always getting asked why she doesn't do facials.

"I do but everyone focuses on my boobs," she laughed. "That's the stuff I get hired for." Asked about bukkakes, Talore said they're not a big deal for her.

"It's not like you're fucking 20 people," she said. "They're just cumming on you. You can walk and take a hot shower." Even with that, Wankus said there are some guys with nasty, rank cum.

"Oh yeah," Talore agreed. "That's just hard to hide, even in the regular videos. When you see a girl and someone cums on her, and she's kind of a-hum, she's trying not to throw up. That's why." Wankus evidently brought up a subject also near and dear to co-host Katie Morgan's heart.

"I still have an issue with smell and taste," said Morgan. "That's just me. I'm obsessive-compulsive." For her part, Talore said she doesn't swallow and doesn't let it in her mouth.

"The only cum that ever gets in my mouth is by accident," Talore agreed. Talore and Morgan then began swapping observations about smells and string cum versus the chunky clam chowder-style variety.

Talore also shared similar views with Morgan about throat gagging.

"Guys try to fuck your face and I'm, like, don't- because I'm going to gag." Talore hasn't done interracial and because of that she said bad things have been written about her on the Internet.

"People have to understand when they say do you do interracial, you always see the guys that are bigger," she explained. "For me, I come from Ohio. I come her and work for 14 days straight. I work every day for the whole time that I'm here. So if I got this guy that is huge- and most of the black guys are- that's the main reason that I don't do interracial. But then I've worked with Chris Charming and Manuel- people like that- it's kind of the same point. I won't work with with a bunch of huge guys a few days in a row because I have to work every day."

Wankus cited a reason given by Michelle Lay why she doesn't like doing interracial.

"It's always pointed out that it's black dick, white bitch," said Wankus quoting Lay. "If you just hire me to do a scene with a black guy and it's a regular scene and you don't point out the races, I'll do it- but the fact that you make it a races thing, I don't want to do it."

According to Talore, people have also told her that the market for big boobs is the older white male.

"That's like the general market," she said. "But then a lot of the black dicks and white chicks are teeny, tiny little white girls. For me, it's like you can't win no matter what. This is what I do- if you don't like, don't watch my shit." Asked if she had an ass to match her tits, Talore said, no, that she has "the littlest ass ever." Asked if she did things like bachelor parties, Talore said she doesn't get to do those things because she's probably not local.

"Before I ever get here I'm already booked for everything," she lamented, noting that the pics of her on the LA Direct site are horrible.

"They're over a year old," she pointed out. But because she works so much, Talore never gets the opportunity to take new pix. According to Talore, the pix really aren't an issue because she's always getting work. Wankus then asked Talore if she's ever done escorting.

"Not yet," she replied. "I hear that's where a lot of us go." Talore was talking about her future plans and conceded the business is hard to walk away from- not so much because of the money, but the life and the fame.

"I do the signings and it's all so much fun," she pointed out. Talore's also started school for cosmetology to be a hairstylist and she had plans on finishing that.

"But it's so hard to walk away from all this comes with." Talore also observed that a hairstylist in Ohio isn't necessarily going to be making big bucks.

"You might as work at Wal-Mart, but that's what I like; that's the type of person I am," she said. Wankus suspected that her opinion would change on a lot of things if she met that special guy.

"I met someone today and I think I'm in love," she said. "It was the Sybian machine." Talore swears she could never have sex again once she was exposed to the machine.

"I got off three times in five minutes," she laughed. "My ass and my lips were vibrating afterwards for like a half hour. I loved it. It was cool." Beyond that, Talore was reluctant to talk about romance but hinted that there was someone in her life.

"Does this person know what you do?" Wankus asked her.

"Everybody knows what I do!" Talore laughed. "I'm not the type of girl, nobody tells me what to do. So if he's not okay with it, there's the door. Goodbye. So far nobody really fucks with me too much." Talore said the guy in question was a good little farm boy from Ohio. Talore said she feels bad because she's met his family.

"They're nice to my face but I'm the girl who corrupted their son." When prompted, Talore brought up some drama she had on a set.

"I was really sick- I was throwing up and my head was hanging over the toilet," she recalled. "Then we started the scene. One of the talent I was working with was an hour and 45 minutes late. We started the scene. He was being a dick. I'm sick the whole time. He's going off saying I'm the type of girl why people get diseases which is so not the case. I'm like the girl- I come here, I work and I go home. Nobody knows anything about me, sees me, none of that." By her comments, Wankus asked if the guy was Kurt Lockwood. Talore said she's never worked with Lockwood.

"But I do hear many a story."

Back to her own story, Talore said the male talent was being an asshole to her.

"He's the second person on my no-list, and my no-list is really little. I'm not too picky. He just degraded me, totally. I'm a girl, and girl's cry easily. And I just stood there fighting back the tears. I called Derek hysterical afterwards." Talore said some guys you click with and some you don't.

"He's a good performer and had a good energy but from the way he treated me that particular day I have not one word to say to him." Talore kept saying what an arrogant guy this was, but she wouldn't give up his name.

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