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Jenny McCarthy Takes Jenna Lie Detector

from the results, Jameson highly exaggerated

Posted on Jenny McCarthy came into the studio [Tuesday] to talk about the allegations Jenna Jameson made on the show a few months ago about what happened between them. Jenny assured Howard she had nothing to hide about her time with Jenna and she'd be willing to take a lie-detector test to prove she was being truthful.

However, Jenny requested Howard limit his questions to what she did with Jenna because she didn't want to discuss anything relating to her ex-husband and the relationships she had with women during their relationship.

Howard played clips of the interview he did with Jenna in which she talked about Jenny. In the tapes, Jenna alleged she made out with Jenny at a club and they touched each other's breasts and rear ends and had oral sex with her. However, following the clips, Jenny informed Howard Jenna's recollection of what happened between them wasn't exactly right.

Jenny recalled that she and Jenna kissed when they first met, but there was no fondling between them. Jenny added she and Jenna ended up going into the club's bathroom where they watched each other urinate and continued to make out, but that no oral sex occurred, mainly because both of their body guards were in the bathroom with them as well. Jenny then mentioned she and Jenna exited the bathroom a short time after and that was as far as they went that night.

Jenny also reported she and Jenna met again at a Halloween party where they were both scheduled to make appearances. Jenny said at the party Jenna and some of her girlfriends came over to the booth she was sharing with girlfriends of her own and her best friend, Julie, started making out with Jenna and used her finger on her. Jenny admitted she wanted to get involved with the duo, but chose not to because there were so many people around. Jenny added she invited Jenna to accompany her back to her hotel room following the incident with her friend, but Jenna declined the offer, explaining she was too tired. Since Howard believed Jenny's version of the story, he wondered why Jenna would've fabricated what happened.

As lie-detector guru, Ed Torian, was preparing his polygraph machine, Howard asked Jenny about some of the personal information she reveals in her new book, "Life Laughs." Howard noted he was bothered by Jenny's frank talk when it came to a bout of diarrhea she had years ago at a Playboy signing, as well as the time a man who was performing oral sex on her "caught a whiff" of "a dingle-berry."

Jenny responded she's always considered Howard to be a role model and, since he's never had a problem discussing bodily functions, she didn't see why she shouldn't do the same thing. Howard told Jenny, though, it was different for her given her station in life.

When Jenny got strapped up to the lie detector, Ed asked her his "controlled question," which was if her name was really "Gina." After Howard pointed out Jenny's name wasn't Gina, Ed asked Jenny the following questions, and she gave the following responses:

Has Jenna Jameson ever touched your vagina? No

Has Jenna Jameson ever used her finger on your vagina?No

Have you ever licked Jenna Jameson's vagina? No

Have you ever fingered Jenna Jameson's vagina? No

Have you ever touched Jenna Jameson's vagina? No

Did you ever give Jenna Jameson an orgasm? No

Were you happy about the events on 9/11? No

Is penis size important? Yes

Are you jealous of Pam Anderson? No

Do you wish Howard Stern would take you sexually? Yes

Do you wish you never had children? No

Have you ever used the n-word? Yes (Jenny explained if she ever said the word she did it in a joking manner when she was in high school.)

Would you prefer your son marry a white woman? No

Have you ever been raped? No

Have you ever been molested? No

Have you ever tossed a man's salad? Yes (Jenny added she loved doing it.)

Have you ever slept with a black man? No

Do you trust Jews? Yes

Do you trust people from the Middle East? Yes

Would you ever bang a guy to further your career? No

Would you ever go down on Jessica Simpson? No (Jenny mentioned it was because she didn't think Jessica would enjoy it.)

Would you go knuckle-deep in Angelina Jolie? Yes

Did you pee yourself in The Tickle Chair? No (Jenny claimed the wet spot in the pictures that appeared on this site was caused by Gary's water bottle.)

Would you ever lick a black woman? Yes

Gary told Howard that Jenny had to leave for other interviews she had scheduled, so Howard asked Ed for the results of her polygraph test. Ed reported Jenny was truthful with all but one of the questions relating to Jenna, noting the one on which she was deceptive was about giving Jenna an orgasm. However, Howard acknowledged the question was poorly worded, while Jenny added Jenna probably had such a different take on what happened between them because she was "living in the fantasy of where she wanted to be."

Ed then mentioned Jenny was also deceptive with her replies to the questions about whether she was sorry she had children, whether she wanted her son to marry a white woman, if she trusted Jewish people or Middle Easterners, and whether she'd have sex to further her career. Jenny insisted, though, she was telling the truth when she answered all those questions, before pointing out Ed was "as weird" as she thought he'd be.

As Howard was saying goodbye to Jenny, Ed proceeded to interrupt him to ask Jenny to sign the back of her polygraph results.

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