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Courtney Simpson Interviewed-final

"There were all these rumors that I was going to get in trouble with ASU"

--Gene Ross

Courtney Simpson can be seen JUNE 2nd on HBO/Cinemax in MRG Entertainment's late night cable Series, "Sex Games:Cancun" as "Claudia" alongside Lisa Ann as "Rose Fuller" and Tyler Faith as "Celine" in Episode #5 titled, "Sexual Politics".

Porn Valley- Courtney Simpson was a recent guest of the Sports Swami. Simpson had a lot to say about her background as a cheerleader for the Arizona Sun Devils. Simpson has also launched her site,

In addition to her regular job, Simpson said she's put a lot of work into the site as far as shooting content.

"It's been busy but it's been fun," she said. Simpson mentioned that she was also linking her website to her MySpace account to get more personal with her fans.

"I love my fans and appreciate them so much," she added. "If my fans want to talk to me and get to know me they can go to my website." Among her recent projects, Simpson's done a couple of features that she was particularly proud of including Creme Brulee for Vivid.

"My very first feature that I ever did was for David Stanley," she continued. "It's called Waterfront 4 for Wicked. I had the lead role in that and it's a comedy and really funny. So many times we were cracking up because the stuff was so funny. It was my first time acting and I think I did okay." Simpson also mentioned the fact that she's in a movie that Red Light and Vivid did together.

"I'm not sure of the name but I know Manuel Ferrara directed it," she said. "I'm in that and do a really top notch scene with Manuel and Tiffany Rain. That one should be very good."

"You went from being a sweet and innocent cheerleader who is an accomplished cheerleader- you were an Arizona Wildcat cheerleader, why did you go into porn? Why not an Oakland Raiderette? Or a Miami Dolphin girl? Why adult film?" asked. Swami.

"I was a Sun Devil, to correct you," Simpson laughed. "ASU has a better cheerleading squad. It was weird- people still think it's funny to hear. I had sex when I was 18- I loved it. Like the third time ever I filmed it with a friend. I've always loved being in front of a camera and I was ready for something new in my life. I found an ad for a website in Arizona and I called that website. I met with the guy first to make sure everything was cool and legit. I did that website a few times and the members on that website really liked me so I did it some more. I met a girl [Nicole Brazzle] on an airplane. She told me if you really want to get into the industry big time you might as well do it right and work for the big companies and make a name for yourself and go out to LA. That's what I did. A few months later after I finished my semester at school I moved out to California."

Simpson was asked what seemed better for her- working for a gonzo company, or working for a feature company.

"There's pros and cons," she answered. "The great thing about gonzo is that you go there; you're in and out and you work fast. You can create a lot more volume of movies. But me, personally, I love the features because I'm such a glamour girl. I love getting all glammed up for the features and I like the whole acting part of it. I've always enjoyed doing things like that."

"I like the features because I feel you accomplish a little bit more because you're working all day, four days on a movie," she continued. "It comes out. There's a storyline and you feel you've accomplished a piece of work than just having sex."

Among performers, Simpson said she's worked with a new guy, Johnny Castle and liked working with him.

"And I have a boyfriend [Jason Cox]," Simpson added. "He's in the industry as well and I like working with him. He's only been doing it for a few months so he's new as well. Obviously I love to work with him because we'd be having sex anyways." Simpson mentioned that she met Cox in LA a year ago when she first came out.

"He was helping out- he knew Derek [Hay] previously because his ex, was Lexi Marie, the ex-Vivid girl," said Simpson. "He was out in LA helping Derek out with driving and things like that. He picked me up one time to take me to work or to the airport or something. And we just started talking and totally hit it off. We have a lot in common like he lived in Arizona for a few years and I'm from Arizona. Then we hung at that night; then we hung out the next night and the next day and the next day. It went on from there."

Swami talked about Simpson's "dual" life, and Simpson was of the belief that people pretty much know her story by now, so nothing's a secret.

"I think just about every one of my friends knows," she said. "My parents- they have to know. It was in the newspapers. But my parents don't really ask me about it and I don't talk about it to them. My relationship with them is great now compared to what it was when I first moved out to LA. They just kind of gotten over it. They're parents, and they're going to love you even if they don't agree with what you do- they're going to support you. And my friends all know. They're young and curious and they're college kids. Of course they're going to look up my stuff. And when I was out in Arizona for Easter- there's a new magazine coming out with controversial issues and things like that- I just did a cover shoot for them. And their very first issue is coming out, I believe in August. They wanted me to be on the cover and be their feature article. I guess if people don't know now, they're going to know in August!"

Asked how she handled the press and the controversy of being a cheerleader turned porn star, Simpson said she was nervous in the beginning.

"There were all these rumors that I was going to get in trouble with ASU," she said. "I think what made it easier for me to deal with as far as friends go and what people think is that I was living in LA at the time- I didn't have to deal with my friends constantly badgering me." Simpson mentioned that she shot a scene for Gina Lynn in which she wore her ASU cheerleading outfit. Then the shit hit the fan when the tape came out, but Simpson personally didn't receive any of the flak. Simpson was told by Lynn that the only thing was, the boxcover had to be changed.

"And they had to blur at the ASU on my cheerleading logo for the two minutes that I was wearing the thing," Simpson said. "I was more nervous at first that I was going to get in trouble but I wasn't ashamed of what I was doing. I was, if people find out, they find out. But as soon as I found out that nothing was going to happen I was very much relieved. Then I was, cool, I just got some extra publicity out of it. I guess I handled it pretty well."

For the time being, Simpson's concentrating on her website and hopes in the next couple of years that she could have her own line.

"Do things the way I'd like to do them," she said. "But for now I'm staying busy working." Simpson also revealed that she just bought a house in Arizona.

"I made a down payment on it and it's a pretty good investment," she stated. "It's right by Cardinal stadium. The equity on it is going to double by next year so I can either rent it out while I'm living in LA or I can just sell it and make money off of it." Simpson said she'd be happy if she could begin directing some time next year.

"I'll start small and practice on my website," she added. "I'll shoot my own stuff first. I'll ask for advice and talk to different people and see where it goes."

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